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Please Let Me Be Me

Let Me Be Me

Upward I look and see

This world is new to me

Who am I? What’s defining?

What inner passions chiming?

Inside emotions churn

I truly want to learn

Yet books and tests

Don’t manifest

The passion in my soul

Math and science incite

An inner joy and delight

Words and reading instill

A love that’s greater still

But caged I feel I’ll hate what’s lovable

When confined inside a bubble

Why can’t I do what I want to do?

Why can’t I unleash myself for you?

I want to learn but in my own way

I want to grow I’m not being lazy

My time for me seems to have dwindled

Why won’t they let my fire be kindled?

But instead it must be dampened.

I want to create and make

I want to imitate.

I want to invent and explore

The opportunities will never bore

I want to be

Like the people I see

I want to Design, construct, and equate,

But unfortunately I just have to wait

I’ve a fire in my soul that needs to be awakened

I’ve a fire in my soul for those who’ve been mistaken

Sometimes it’s hid deep within but I guarantee it’s there

Sometimes it’s hard to let it out but I really need to share

I want the world to see

The beauty inside me

I want to let it out to live and walk around

I want to let it out through words, numbers, and sound

It’s burning bright at first, and if we’re not careful it’s gone

I need to learn the way I learn not the way I’m taught

I need to be the me I am, not the me they want

I want to learn so let me learn, isn’t that why we are here?

Let me stoke my passionate flame, let me learn without fear

I want you to teach me, but teach me so I have fun

I want you to teach me, but teach me so I fly not just run

Be my teacher and mentor but mainly my friend

I need someone to trust through to the end

Show me how to life live free

And please let me be me

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