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Hebrews 7 part 2

Hebrews 7, Highview Bible Church

Former arrangement must be set aside

Priesthood in Christ is all that will abide

Perfection - set right before God

What you need is Christs eternal blood

A priest cant be clean before Him

What we need is a priest without sin

Theres better than the former

Call up the reformers

Formers bad even useless but now its even better

Dont believe read it in this Letter

Why its better

1. Guaranteed by oath, here to make the most

2. Secured through permanence, good works soon to ferment

3. Suitable by perfection, eternal souls selection

How does it apply when we dont have goats die?

I dont get it whats going on and why?

We need someone to represent

A sacrifice to God present

We need someone thats greater

Get me to God, elevator

Two negatives will emphasize the truth

No bold or italics so we can teach the youth

An oath is imperative but from God our minds are blown

If what God reaps from us through Christ is sewn

Gods nature is unchangeable sworn by his oath

Without this we will never have true growth

God swears

Jesus prayers

Jacobs ladder walk those stairs

New covenant, guarantor

Priest forever this God swore

In the greek the surety

A cosigner for purity

He’ll pay your depts with His life

Like Joseph’s life and Joseph’s strife

Judah is a prime example

Surety more than ample

Apartments way up in New York

Need surety more than work

But Christ is needed need even more

To make us clean before God pure

Philemon a slave who ran away

Pauls is his guarantor for a sure way

Jesus is the mediator

Makes it right, hot radiator

Jesus is the guarantor

Steps right in and makes it sure

Our certificate of death is concrete through the nails

God nailed our certificates on the cross for when we fail

He met the demands

Made sure it stands

Written on His hands

Given promised lands

Secured made eternal

Keeps us from inferno

The priests couldnt stay alive

They couldnt help us arrive



They couldnt sympathize

Couldnt realize couldnt empathize

Not the greater prize

Cuz every person dies

Permanence we need

And so Jesus would bleed

We need Him alive making intercession

We need Him praying for our confession

Death with no resurrection

Means theres no intercession

Thats why we need His perfection

Peter survived cuz Jesus prayed

Thats how our hearts on Him are stayed

We r not saved because we pray

We are saved because He prays

Jesus is perfect it is fitting

Suitable Priest He is winning

He’s comfortable in the presence of holiness

Because He’s holy in Himself

Innocent is what He’s about

Cacos is bad and He’s without

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