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Hebrews 7

Hebrews 7, Highview Bible Church

Hebrews is about Jesus Christ It is about Him and how He’s greater than all

Everything in scripture points to Him and He conquered the fall

This morning we hear about a mysterious


Some ask who he is and why

Some say Shem the son of Moses while others say it was the Holy Spirit epiphone

While Others say it was the preincarnet Christ - a christophene

He was a real human theres not doubt

A type of Christ to Him psalms shout

Types they tie the old to the new

If it isnt explicit is it really real?

Adam and Jesus

Abraham Jesus

Lambs and Jesus

Melckideck Jesus

All point to Jesus Being greater

How so? Ill get to it later

In genesis Lot and abraham split their ways

Too much spoils no where to stay

Lot went to sodom even Gomorrah

Then he got captured in a battle of horror

Abraham came with a troop of three hundred

He rescued lot

met Melchizideck

He Blessed abraham in a Biblical way, blessing the Most High

He gives God the credit for the deliverance so abraham wouldnt die

The then Receives a tenth of possessions of the booty

From the loin, levi gave a tenth to him as his duty

First Melchizideck was a king

Get it through ur brain

He was a king salem

Peace shalom

A king of righteousness

Forshadowing holiness

Second this dude was a priest

Giving Abraham a feast

Kings arent priests and priests arent kings

Saul and Uzziah shows the divide

But in Melchizideck these two collide

He is a priest to God above

A type of Christs great love

Theres no peace without righteousness

No grace without holiness

Mysterious in lineage, no genealogy

A priest forever, what a typography

Was he eternal? No beginning no end

Was he from God? Peace God would send

What is the point? Intended highlight?

The point is Christ

Throw the Hebrews for a loop

You need to prove your roots

He didnt fit with the priestly system

He was set before it by Gods wisdom

He wasnt a priest come from levi

He was From Judah, he didnt die

Whats his age? Are you 25? By 30 you can be a priest

Until your 50 then your gone I dont care what is your belief

Eternality makes him resemble the Son

Priest forever the battles won

Greater view of Melki? No better view of Christ

Theres a stark contrast, a priesthood heist

Set apart put above all others

Born and lived 30 years from a virgin mother

Geneology is imperitive in the levitical priesthood

Mel doesnt start or end which makes his eternal standing good

Father abraham had many sons and many sons had father abraham

As great as he was he was still inferior to the Holy Lamb

Abraham slaughtered kings and they paid money to him

So why did Melchideck get paid when it was abraham who had the win

Abraham was less

So Melchizideck blessed

And he got ten percent

And abrahams knee was bent

Levi paid tithes from the loins of his father

Argue Mel isnt greater? Dont even bother

Canus majorus and scuty fit a bunch of suns inside

All points to Jesus in Him all things collide

Priesthood or kingship all point to Him

Desire Him dearly make your faith firm

Look to the cross peace and righteousness in it align

Look to Him as the founder His majesty sublime


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