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Raised Up

When you hear bad news Holocaust for the Jews No coffee, He brews Choose Truth Feast of booths Cuz dwellings temporary And scary Duhm's day like you're Darry Where's the hope when you die? Space jam I believe I can fly Cuz I Know I Have hope The Resurrection Let me mention Jesus conquered the grave To save Believers redeemed More than it seems No silent scream Eyes opened waking up from a dream The unsaved are helpless without help Headed to hell no Redemption Dante's inferno U can only choose Jesus cuz He's holding you Emboldened you He was sold for you Body blood and cold for you But we’ve been given the gospel Death burial And resurrection He died a death deserving of damnation But salvation Is found New creation Bound Up in the Lord The sword Of God dwelt the blow On the soul striking marrow and bone Striking evil and wrong Death separates immaterial part To eternity sorts Out where man goes What mans sowed And it’s always to hell To dwell in flames and fire A bog full of mire In pain to retire Unless you've been saved in Jesus And given a treatise Written sealed with his bleeding A lamb no bleating Right hand seated Sin defeated New life created Our souls elated Road to Emmaus Explanation to save us Paul’s authority was the word He heard And believed No longer deceived No longer grieved by transgression Confession of faith Faith that was based On the case And eye witness accounts Of Jesus raised from the ground No body was found In the grave which was bound With a rock and a seal But the rock and the seal That you should be fearin' Are Christ and the Spirit Jesus’ step brother James And Cephas who denied Him the same And Paul who we had reason to blame All confessed His resurrected body and name Paul Who was Saul Saw Jesus after the ascension No pretension He avoided dissension Opened His mouth to preach and mention The Gospel of God Proved there was no fraud In the words God said And now we too witness and share Death and resurrection we bear But death has no sting We sing Sounds ring In our victory won Won through the Son We share in the right But we’ve no right Through our own action or deeds All we have is a need Fulfilled by the blood that would bleed From Jesus who succeeded In giving us new life through His mission To come for us and die and be risen

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