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Mercy From Mercy

The God of the universe sits down to teach Filling the breach Hands up; reach Shows humility Intimacy Desire for community A blessed person is empty and poor But thirsting for more Opened up door More

Held in store Promised fruit Speaking mutes As Tripp's about to puke Present and future blessings of the kingdom Brought to the earth a foretaste Clean mouth like toothpaste More haste For kingdom coming Running Sin cunning But dead As we're fed Christ the bread And we're breed To Rejoice Future comfort, present joy If it’s not there you cant care Share In suffering Over deep God hovering Covering

Our sin Mercy there to win Mercy comes from mercy Which when present leads to walk And talk In extended grace Facing The place From which we once stood In judgement condemned Sin Hemmed Us in No one wants justice for them Selves only others Because we prize Our pride Deride Those who we believe deserve to die Hark Mercy comes from broken hearts Poor spirits, new starts We’re a culture of affirmation not mercy Its poor theology Saying God we are more than thee We can show more mercy That’s a high view of man and a low view of God God is not affirming But confirming Creating hearts yearning

For Him Fleeing from sin His message has not changed Living outside of his ways Always leads us to death but He can give us new breath Mercy from him has to come first New birth From watching His son Hung Outside the gate; dung Showed mercy among Us Mercy now from us Were changed from Random acts of mercy to merciful And beautiful Have we been shown mercy then we can show others Made brothers Demonstrating And elevating The mercy shown, now mercy making

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