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Ups and Downs

Ups and downs

Kingly crown

Then drowning


Smile then frowning

Hounding and hounded by trials and the pounding

Of sports fans sounding

The victory bell

History tells

Life's heavens and hell’s

Death toll kills

People popping pills

With the highs and lows of emotion


Then gloatin'

Enjoying highs like your on some marijuana

Then some depression no hakuna matata

Disciples thought perception of the Holy Messiah

Was reigning and ruling and tearing down nations

New Cesar dead raising

Now praising

Amazing feats of earthly dominion

A new king

A new dream

But its not what it seemed

He came to redeem though his death

And his breath

Not less but more

Is on store

Soon you’ll see me no more

Root and the core

Of the work and the chore

Is a work for the poor

Of the spirit implored

A Little while


Wily work whipped and reworked

Spirt filled dirt

Evil near lurks

Jesus knew the deliberation


No Rome conquered nation

The disciples no patience

Declaration of weeping lamenting

God Spirit sending through death resurrection

But the people are praisin'

Raisin the roof

Rejoicing no truth in their understanding

Or planning of the death of the King

As their shouts ring

But theres a juxtaposition

Between the saved and the heathen

As disciples are grieving

And weeping

Like Mary at the empty tomb

Christ groom

No doom

No room at the inn

Jesus revealed again

Spirit sealed within

Fueled no sin

The world thought they won

But the Son rose

As the sun rose

Exodus Moses

The labor of pregnancy

Genesis 3

Doesn’t comfort Jaime

As John watches Milwaukee

Pain felt

Blow dealt

Disciples knelt

Hands pierced through

Thomas knew

The new view

Greek and Jew

There's a new joy for you too

Sin coup

The world needs this hope

To coup

Messiah no Pope

Hearts roped in

And broken

Soaked in

The Hope in

The cross, heart woken

Not woke church but broke

Risen no hoax

It’s not April no jokes

Ask and receive

Pray and believe

Rejoice and grieve

Pray for provision

New vision

No fission

Decisions that are wise

See with new eyes

Flesh that will die

A tongue not to lie

Praise that Kaylee prays

And broken elbows phase from existence

Persistence in prayer

Resistance to pair with flesh

Live in ur death

Satisfied by your grace

Look on Your face

Run endurance the race

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