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Giving Part 2


A second thought

In case you were lost

It’s important to the Lord

Not an ancient fossil

The gospel proclaims

Good news in His name


Of the 38 parables are about earthly treasure

And measure more content than heaven and hell

Heaven and hell have less references than wealth

No stealth

Or subtle in text

Don’t fumble or vex

Your paychecks

April 15th tax

No lackadaisical giving

Lazy ass living

Don’t fret



And Edify

And Testify




2 Corinthians 9

Thessalonica didn’t decline the call to serve

Giving bountifully life by the Word

Paul sent 3 men

To spur on

And Encourage to give a lot

Faithfulness in giving don’t stop

It’s a God giving ministry

Hoarding is sin you see

Money superfluous

Money a dark abyss

Money is stewardship from Him who adopted us

Macedonian poverty

The churches just kept giving

More stuff

But more stuff

Means more fluff

And Distractions

Selfish actions

And factions

In marriage and church

Money’s not worth but a tool

A fool in his foolishness

Not giving is foolishness

Like a grim reaper

Dig deeper and reap

What you sow and keep

The dough

Sow sparingly and reap the same

Give in abundance not for fame or appearance

But glorifying God for fear is

A convicter Annas and Saphirra

But it’s still not compulsory

Give in joy abundantly

It’s a thing from the heart

Beginning to start

Recipients of Gods special love

Give to God above

No uhaul

For you to haul

Your belongings and move all

Earthly things upwards

So trust the Lord

Give to God with Trust

A must

Do you still trust

That God is sufficient enough

To give what you need and supply

Give to you all things till you die

Sara laughed in disbelief like Nabel

But God is able and supreme

Sufficient to redeem and provide

Rollercoaster ride

Ample provision

God giving precision

In timing and mission

Wait and rest

Your life is a mess

But confess

The distress

And stress

For God is perfect in power

He wrote every hour

And sin He devoured

As it cowered and bowed down

And at the right hand He was crowned

And you doubt His sufficiency supply

You give and He'll multiply

Give and He'll out give you

Give and produce

Thankfulness and truth

Serving by giving gifts

Prevents church rifts

It approves the Lords work

Not that you deserve it

But God preserve it by producing fruit

Duke the sin

Nuke the fridge

The root is to give

Zacheaus was wee

Climbed a tree

To see

But giving produced in me

Is the same as he

The heart made new and transformed


And Reborn

Not forlorn

Eyes focused One direction like a Unicorn

Harry styles and Miles


Don’t remind us the malice of sin

Don’t be calus but win

Through giving to the Lord

In one body one accord

Enhanced fellowship; Sing

Fellowship of the King

Our Gods not stingy

Or cringy

But gracious

And spacious and poured out

Salaciously whored out

Indescribably gored out

For us so don’t doubt

And fall on your knees weep and pout

In tears of joy and love at the gift given

Christ risen

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