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Helper Sent

Noah walking

Good bye talking

Bon voyage party

Hearty goodbyes

As they fly away

Ride away

Pacific trail hike away

But Jesus goes to leave and they wont see him again

Close disciples and friends say goodbye

After He dies

He’ll rise up

Going back home to His father

Don’t Bother trying to guess the date or time of return


And burn

And churn with passion

Back bloody from lashin'

Jesus died debt cashin'

Leaving the Helper to send

Hearts to bend

Grace to lend out

And send out

Not all alone

Tomb moved from the stone

Disciples are bothered they don’t wana be left

Souls are bereft

Eyes blind ears deaf

Call me Zane

The insane thing is

It’s a benefit for us

To trust

In his absence

Like absenth in the brain

It’s in our membrane

Spirit poured out like rain

For the Spirit to come

Christ needed to leave

And cleave to God

Resurrected new bod-y

The ministry

Of the spirit

Hear it

Glory to the son


To the gun

Pull the trigger be done with the flesh

Put it to death

Through the work of Spirit's breath

Ministry to the world and believers

Keeps us aware of deceivers

Feeds us like the Keebler


On a shelf

Renews our health

Spirit convicts the world


On disciples at Pentecost

Old man lost

The cost of Christ

Is cost of Life

Shame the world of it’s own guilt

Guilt felt

Spirit indwelt

Hearts melt

Or harden

See your own sin of disbelief

Fruit of the spirit like a leaf growing

And sowing and reaping and mowing the lawn

Convicts the world of wrong

We repent or we don’t

But the spirit ain’t choked by man

Strengthened God's right hand

Carried out God's plan

Regenerates and renews us

Convicts the world

Both those who respond and dont

People in the world Convicted but wont repent

Works through humans



And prunin'

The spirit shows righteousness

The flesh isn’t declared right

Instead were impaired like

Down syndrome no fair fight

The Spirit shows us light

Jesus bore our sin justified

Spirit inside abide

No longer hands tied

Convicted and tried


The realization

Of the new reputation

Before God a patient healed

Spirit filled

Old man killed

Devils fate is sealed

To suffer and die

He’s the father of lies

As our sin’s mortified

Don’t give in to pride

Keep your stride

Enjoy the ride

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