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Hunger and Thirst

Equip With Brad and Tripp To live in And sit in And dwell in the truth Beatitude Change your mood Matthew through Jude Biblical righteousness To bless Confess Redress yourself No mess, new health Not Joel Olsten, prosperity wealth Moral character and conduct Water flowing like an aqueduct Clinging to God the rock The cornerstone and block Walk in the ways, follow the design Align Yourself with God not the wicked Self guided ways Astray The choice is yours; follow or go Francisco the bodybuilder didn’t work in Mississippi Mom says it’s a trap He got a road map Cuz Francisco focused on He who was risen And he didn’t go to prison Socially just Community must Lean on and trust Abraham impatient Sarah impotent Hagar used and abused and cast out bruised heart and doubt God shows what Hes about Shows He's faithful And Graceful Legal Hail God who’s regal Nails Not two-faced like smeagal Fail Who can stand before God His iron rod All knees fall At the recall Our default Of sin Inability to win Inadequacy Compared to the almighty We need Christ’s death and life Our Life is pain God rains Blood on the stains Cleans the membranes New hearts and brains Christ took the disdain Hunger and thirst Not cursed But blessed Crave desire and need The righteous seed We cannot produce Right works or truth Counterfeit Cause us to sit Being sidelined Cuz we resigned to pursue Popsicles Mistaking gifts for the giver Not drinking from the river of life New life through Christ Justified through faith Thirst quenched, amazed The work is His that He does through us Cleanses all our rust Come outta the crowd Singing out loud And proud Drink of the water and you'll never thirst again Never burst again In longing for more Held in store for us Now there’s more for us All because Jesus died We can now be forever Satisfied

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