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Voddie Matthew 28


And Vision

Mathew 28


2 commissions

It’s time to graduate

Broken from prison

Jesus ain't here He's risen

For God's glory and salvation sake

Risen like He said

It’s the reason He ain't dead

Lazarus raised resuscitated

Even though it wasn’t stated

Died to die again

Jesus' risen until the end

Come see then go tell

No body or smell

He redeemed from Hell

They saw the empty place

Saw the Holy face

To share the news they raced

And faced

New grace

Replaced place of disgrace

Tell you saw and come meet Me

Death cant defeat Me

Or cheat Me

Commissioned to share he didn’t die

But the soldiers would lie


The truth of new Life

Truth Jesus is Christ

Some doubted because faith was weak

Stumbling feet

Death was defeated

And greeted by Glory

Good news tell the story

Bloody and gory

Blood stained cross

The loss not lost

Jesus life the cost

New life burnt dross

Great commission doesn’t mean faith is perfect

With trembling work it


Some saw Jesus new body with doubt

Commission isn’t from me

In Christ believe

He calls us to do what we cant, be what we aren’t

From trusting in Him don’t depart

Authority's His until the end of the age

With us He stays

Voddie father of nine

Couldn’t make it to ten

God is Devine

So on Him depend

When your kid rides a bike

Is like our confidence in Christ

The trust is there in a father as the one who holds tight

God’s always right

The battle we fight

Cuz He’s there till it’s done and complete

Until the enemy's defeated

Right hand Christ seated

And needed

For the work completed

Until the end of the age

Crush pride with rage

He’s the only one worthy to open the seals

Crushing the snake with the heel

New covenant new deal

God's sovereign

Can't stop Him

Or top Him

The I am

Is making the commission reality

Sharing good news no fallacy

Gospel proclaimed

Good news rained out no drug

Share the gospel over wells dug

Wells dug for gospel plug

Disciples not converts

Christ honor

Repentance and faith is more than heaven choosing

Good News don’t be abusing like dirt

Establish a church

Evil we purge

And herd as Ongoing witness

No Litmus test

Christ Confess

Address the commission church isn’t plan B

Not planting is like killing babies with a Pill

Holy Spirits the seal

To the bride commit

Local Church submit

The bullet bit

Humble right hand Christ sits

The work He does and did and will do legit

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