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Figurative Language

Parenting easy

And breezy

High seas

Wana please

And believe

And cleave to and from

Adopted in

Helicoptered in

To the family

But direction is not easy

It needs to be clear

To steer

the will

But the will of God through the greatest communicator

Didn’t Go through the minds of His followers

Jesus was speaking

Disciples seeking

And reaping

the benefits

The world irrelevant

But the Lord speaks in figurative language

Arranged speech

Hands up reach


John Preach

Ask in my name

The same

As the blame

that was taken on them and put on Messiah

The dire



of the gospel message

The passage

to Life is the passage through Christ

Christ the intercessor

For the brother


Ask in


We have access through

Conquered grave too

Veil split in two

Like the veil through

which he spoke

Parables broke


And wrote down

Thatiana bust down

He loves us because we loved Him

But in 1st John its reversed with Him

His affection in concert with His will because of His love

Bound up In His cov-


Blood spent

Life rent

And bent

Spirit sent

Josh’s will hard in defian-ce


In silence

and refusal

7 times he said no

Then 3 then 1

And then after that he submitted like the Son

Jesus told them they’d scatter

Explode like a burst bladder

Not figurative but a plane matter

of fact

Get behind me Satan get back

When u think uve arrived buckle up

Butter cup


In a rut

Never presume uve arrived

The only thing you should prize

We need God We survive

and endure

By Gods hand on us sure

And pure


our sin

Hope in Christ to win

No peace with God we’re an enemy


And vile

Terroristic style

He opposes the unbelieving

And grieving


The case is


Solution is mere


Any other choice insanity

But the clarity is

Were made friends through this

Hes overcome the world

And hurled

the devil in chains

Established throne new reign

Our evil hearts to blame

The game

is a war

Tribulation a chore

But it cuts to the core

Hes overcome

And overrun

the flesh

Taken it to death

Given me new breath

He killed

And willed

The death of the enemy making the enemies friends

Death of the devil so our communion Hed mend

Through the blood on the Cross

So focus not on worldly loss

For the world is a loss that’s been won

Through the death of His son

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