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Psalm 8

Psalm 8 How great And awesome Holy and full of power Sit down now its uth group hour Worship and wonder Sin is asunder Oh lord our lord two different names Lord and lord are not the same Jehovah Like I told ya Is the name of God I don’t Lie Adonai is used next cuz the other is too great to udder Don’t Stutter Adonai above the heavens No leaven in this Brethren kiss On the cheek Speak now Bow down Gods crown Resounds The sound of the trumpet blast As the crowns we cast at his feet Lamb supper feast Sin ceased New priest in Christ Hunger fed new life To the heart a knife stab As I grab for the thrown Derobed Of my sin Clothed in Him Born to win Enthroned above the heavens cuz the heavens cant hold Him Emboldened in faith Running the race Cuz his majesty Is had you see Mouths of babes praising Brazened and bold speaking Like the rocks and the trees Like a disease Or flees On a dog No wrong Songs Were singing And clinging And bringing God glory Through the work He did its His story The kids are praising as the Jews mouths are shut Olive branch cut Off And shut off Gentiles grafting into the fold two now one All in the Don Work done 

And complete Jesus washing our feet Sin is defeated Right hand seated If someone says God is showing off slap em Tap ‘em out Cuz all work points to the One who’s above Full of love Creation and creature Double feature Batman preacher Pumba was right they’re balls of gas in the sky Not dead kings Timon lied David watched them and cried As he saw the work behind Gods hands Over all lands And sands of time the on the harp rhymed All the majesty in the psalms Alms given in praise Holy hands raised Understanding a daze A maze of magic mystery mesmerizing my soul Milky ways and black holes Doled out And Rolled out Gods glory told out In space Case For Christ He made our life Small On a ball Rolling around a fiery flame fueled sphere Easily seared if were half a foot of our course Gods holy force Son of man came from dust Adam full of lust Weak and frail Ailed By iniquity We are sick you see No democracy In our rebellion from Gods plan And He made man a little lower than God Who's glory and majesty Is high up Reminded Of God Elohim Jesus sent to redeem We were made closer to God than creation made in His image Ranked high up His decision To make us reflect His glory and might Showing what’s wrong and right We aren’t part of the animal kingdom Keep them locked up dominion As the baby seal walks into my club Dubbed like Him To delight Him Created to bring Him glory and walk in Him Except sin Broke that He prewrote that Now were stoked that He saved And raised Us To make us Like Him in nature do we understand the weight Of how great it is That He chose us And rose us Do we live like we were created for God 

is our mindset Set On man and mankind Or God let’s rewind What art man that God is mindful 

of Him So have your eyes set on Him In all things endeavor To glorify God and enjoy Him forever

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