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Pure Heart Eyes See

Blessed Confess Redress yourself No mess new health Hunger and God you’ll see Pure heart you’ll believe No culture reformation Heart reparation Creating a new world without sin Wouldn’t win A nation and society that God would desire Retire The idea that God seeks morality in the world All murder and adultery cured God wants a new heart, redesigned Focused on God body and mind Man looks on outward appearance God looks at the heart and adherence The heart and what’s inside Residing Abiding In us Confiding And trust In God, cuz no one is good, no not one We aren’t clean, dirty, undone Its why we need the son A pure heart’s imputed By Jesus, we're rooted Sin muted Accepted by God only by purity New life, the scrutiny Of our deeds and our living and evil decisions God prunes our lives with perfect precision Now counted righteous, before God confession To see God we must be pure and undefiled To see Him, Jesus had to be reviled No mild Lifestyle Instead a life full of fleshly denial Seeing God means being in his presence The essence Of hope is to dwell with Adonai After we die We are helped and blessed to see Gods face When He turns away we're lacking in grace We’ve longer placed Our trust in Christ We're dismayed Must pray Must stay On the course, seeking to see Eyes Wide Open, the Reports Minority Don’t live double minded Heart divided Be reminded Of how we’ve seen God in our lives New heart derived From Christ realized

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