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Hebrews 8

Hebrews 8, Highview Bible Church

Now the point here is this

This I must insist

The chief the main monetary sum it up

Sigma accounting hebrews 1-7 add it up

The summit of truth is Jesus the conclusion

Even if you've heard dave and Vitaly say it we don't want any confusion

We meaning everyone jews and greeks and the speaker

We meaning everyone those past and in the future

We have such a High Priest

No leaven no yeast

The role of repetition

We are fickle in decision

Repeated reminders

reminding of reminders

We forget we lose sight

We forget to see the light

Prone to wander and sin

Without reminders we cant win

We need a constant renewal

Jesus jet fuel

Point them up to the author and perfecter of our faith

Point them so like Paul says we can finish the race

Unceasing repetition For Unceasing worship

Look up to God cuz at His right hand Jesus sits

Copies of the Holy things

Shadows of the past and future King


Sin deleted

Humble He sat down

Raised up so He could get the crown

No chair in the tabernacle cuz Priests never stopped working

A Fearsome awesome holy place the work it was unceasing

When He sat down the work He made complete

Enemies of Jesus? The footstool for His feet

Sinners like u and me He raises up with God

Ugly sinner flesh, we’re given a new bod

Sin filled ram


Death He surely damned

Jesus at the right hand the sacrificial lamb

Gifts and sacrifices need to be offered

But when Jesus died He didnt stay in His coffin

Plurality to one

Cuz Jesus is the sum

When ur Gods son

The only priest u need is one

Animal blood can’t take away

All the sin from u and me

But like the scapegoat soon to flee

Jesus blood it makes me free

Not only is the sacrifice perfect to destroy

All the sinful evil im not being coy

Gods Holiness is so great and awesome

The only sacrifice enough is Gods only son


Holy shadow

True tent

God sent

He serves inside the Holy place

Ministers, argues our case

Saves until the uttermost

In Christ alone will I boast

Intercedes for us

Pleads for us

Inside heaven fills the need for us

We constantly need

So He constantly feeds

In heavens tabernacle He constantly serves

Not on earth or it just wouldnt work

Moses made the tabernacle copying the pattern

But which one is better? Just look up Jacobs ladder

Earthly priests point up to Christ

Exodus shows us soon to come eternal life

He is superior

They are inferior

Dont vilify the old in favor of the new

Gods design was perfect when instructed to the Jews

God was never flawed

Neither was His law

The only thing in error was the sin in who was called


Work it

Ed Shearin’s top charts song

Defining hair short, absent, or long

Ur new relationship

Hang on, just wait for it

Ur kids? Maybe not

Urself? Please just stop

Self righteous man

God needs perfection for u to stand

And u cant

Dont rant


Open ur eyes

Look to Christ

Our perfect life

Who stands before the Holy God

Bears the brunt of staff and rod

And when God looks on Him He sees all our sin

And when God looks on us He sees a perfect man

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