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If Trees Could See

If Trees could see

If trees could see what’s happening what would the tree have thought

The tree that held my Master there as the soldiers cast their lots

That standing post fixed in the ground with blood stained on the side

The blood that saved humanity from their sin and from their crime

What would go through its mind as it was taken from where it stood

Cut into a crucifix to hang a Man who worked with wood

What would he be thinking as he was carried through the street

Bearing weight upon the back of the God who was so meek

What would the tree be thinking as he was planted in the ground

The vines he knew from years ago twisted into a thorny crown

How would he feel to hold the weight of all mankind on earth

To offer the greatest sacrifice God could ever find to give rebirth

What would the tree be thinking as the nails pierced it’s grain

As the Holy Lamb of God lay upon the alter slain

As blood which saved all people, the perfect blood of God

Dripped across his surface made, as God showed His staff and rod

As time hung still that moment and all the earth quaked

What would that tree be thinking as he saw redemption for man’s mistake

What would go through his mind as the skies darkened over head

As He cried ‘It is finished’ and He lay there hanging dead

What would the tree be thinking in that perfect day of wrath

As the blood poured forth giving his bark a holy bath

What would he be thinking as he witnessed Christ condemned

As he saw all our wicked sins fall upon this Man

What would he be thinking as the Father left the Son

As he stood there planted in the ground without a way to run

What would go through his mind as he held the Son of Man

As he offered up the sacrifice, the perfect spotless lamb

How could he comprehend

How could he understand

The greatness of this moment, the greatness of this Man

Would he realize who this was, would he realize just how great

Would he bow himself in awe, or would he make man’s same mistake

Would he stand in solemn gratitude, or would he refuse to hold Christ there

Would he cry with sap dripping down his bark, and silently stare

Would he pray to God to save His son, or would he recognize his need

Would he recognize the preciousness of every drop our Lord would bleed

Would he hold Christ close and comfort Him, or in reverence stay far back

Would he try to give Him more support, as He hung there on His back

Would he know what this moment was, or in ignorance be blind

Would he know this was Jesus Christ, the Lord of all mankind

If trees could see what’s happening I’m sure the tree would know

I’m sure the tree would understand and witness in sorrow

Perhaps one day we’ll meet the tree and ask him what he felt

As he held the perfect spotless lamb who took away our guilt

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