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Never Willing To Be

The lights they spin around us

The world it all seems dark

We look for God and Savior

Inside our mind and heart

We analyze the system

We feed into its soul

We stand behind our politics,

As they make heads roll

We write and read our destiny

Running from our fate

We promote originality

From a single United State

We believe in revolution

On single, designated days,

We promote acceptance of all beliefs

Unless it discourages sin

We hate the laws and taxes,

We love the wage and pay

We all support the forefathers

And refuse to kneel and pray

We put our faith in government

Security in Feds

And curse when we get sick or ill

Trusting then in meds

Our hope is in our savings,

Our faith is in our spouse,

Our rock it is our 401

Our fortress is our house

We buy our glocks for safety,

We bar our doors for more,

Provisions in our paycheck

And our food comes from the store,

Breath in Sin

Exult to win

Let’s Blaspheme

Yell and scream

Turn the radio up

It’s all a dream

We aren’t real

We’re walking dead

Hide the music

Inside my head

Crucify all that’s good

Ride a bicycle while we’re nude

Turn the bow into a sign

Rainbow colors Go Gay Pride

Boys are girls and girls are boys

And girls like girls and boys like boys

Have women lead and men follow

And kill the babies with a pill you swallow

Emotional blitz you can’t control

Here’s a pill it’s not spiritual

Accept all things unless it’s faith

Then segregate they’ve got no case

Forget the lamb, here’s a goat

Worship writing dead men wrote

Trust yourself you’ll come through

Practicality is what must rule

Have a dog, maybe three,

But I’ll pay to kill the baby inside me,


What a ride

Women’s rights let them choose,

Unless you’re a fetus, then you lose,

Self-help, here, it’s in a book,

All’s accepted have a look,

Except of course the Word of God,

Historical relevance must be fraud,

Rewrite history, no constitution,

School and church; government institutions,

Fill me with ego and pride

Depression sucks, my life’s a lie,

Forget correction, who needs that?

Accept all things, nothings white or black,


Work real late,

All things real I start to hate,

Keep me blind,

Press rewind,

Start again it’s all sublime,

Repeat my life day in day out,

No real purpose, I wana shout,

Fill my life with everything,

Pleasure and money, but not the King,

All’s to hell, there’s no purpose,

Except for us all to turn back dust,

Distracted by the temporal,

Nothing really a memorial,

Push myself until I die,

Reaching up into the sky,

Wishing there was more to life,

Never giving it my time,

Wishing for something to save,

Never willing to be…

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