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Hebrews 9

Hebrews 9, Highview Bible Church


Stop it

Angels demons conscience

conscious Im Aware

Conscience Wish I werent

Wishing it were fair

Knowing I am dirt

Paul potts

Made bodies rot

He murdered and killed his anger to vent

He massacred Cambodia, killed 25 percent



His conscience it was clear

Not like Albert spear

Hitlers architect to fear

Tried for those who died

served 20 years

Didnt wipe away his tears

His burden he carried

Of the guilt he had ferried


For those who died

His guilt no one took

poured it out in a book


Or excuse

How’ve we dealt with the weight of our guilt?

How’ve we dealt with our conscience we felt?

You shall not murder or you'll be liable

When your angry your still undeniable

The room is filled with murderers

Thieves, liars, and adulterers

How do we deal

With all the guilt we feel?

Guilt on the conscience Worse the steak on the rack

Looking for penance you aint getting jack

The worship of God dont make it haphazard

The worship of God risen like Lazarus


No Debacle

Holy and separate

God and His people

The nation of Israel

Served as a sign

A type or a kind

Of us set apart

Provision impart

Manna in the wilderness

Staff His lifegivingness

Tablets law’s holiness

All part of Gods plan

150 feet long it ran

Portable and temporary

Points to the groom the church will marry


Sin stay out

Doors point to the Way

Lamp stand lights the narrow way

Table and 12 tribes

Feeds us so we wont die

Curtain separates the holy places

Before it was opened to all races

Cherub on the ark

The contrast stark

Mercy seat

Enemies at His feet

Sin fallen in defeat

At the Word we will read

Plants a seed

For us to feed

He reigns indeed

Wash out our sin

Penance wont win

Israels rites

Served to make right

The Day of atonement came once a year

Full access to God His presence drew near

Gifts and sacrifices couldnt wipe their soul clean

Anything done left guilt on them hanging

A time of correction

Reform, resurrection

Would give opportunity

To clear us of mutiny

When Jesus came He would serve as fulfillment

Israel wrestled with the new covenant

They wanted to turn and head back to their rituals

They couldnt understand the fulfillment was literal

What earthly things do we also seek to take

So our guilty conscience we can escape

Mr fix it and Mrs i need control

You cant correct it, thats not your role

And those who escape in a more passive way

Finding dependance on others wont stay

If not inward or outward but things

Your hobbies and jobs wont solice bring

Stop looking to things on this earth

God is the only one who brings new birth

The goal is eternal hearts set above

Hearts set on God hearts set on love

Things will distract us and pull us away

But focused on God we must always stay

The curtain was torn

New covenant born

Priest and the animal

Jesus in both fulfills

Potential redemption

God did part we do the rest

Eternal redemption

God did all and in Him we rest

We are secure

Now we are pure

Eternal redemption God’s satisfied

Jesus’ offering sent for our pride

Fully accepted because of Jesus love

So instead of guilt set your eyes above

Christian is burdened with the load as he stood

He Ran to the place with Christ’s cross made of wood

The burden it fell at the cross of the Christ

And fell in the tomb which gave him new life

Like that we too can drop our burden with Him

Its only through Jesus from our guilt we can win

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