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Romans 7

Romans, Oakhill church

Is a sense of failure a normative experience?

Burdened by all my weariness

Flesh and sin are in control

we’re stuck in the pit and hole

A defense for all my sin

If Paul failed then I cant win

Hold it back up to verse 12

In the passage lets delve

Law is holy and good from thee

A cause of death to me

Through the commandment sin is sin

My soul now like an evil twin

Sold into bondage as a slave

My body wants to misbehave

I dont do what I want

And what I want i cannot do

With my mind I worship God

but in my body sin it rules

Wretched man that I am

Before God only Jesus’ stands

Now there is no condemnation

For those who have salvation

New life in Christ

Bumpersticker a fish

Life in flesh is death

Go and give me a deathwish

Is this a normal struggle we see in chapter seven

Do we continue in sin and still make it to heaven?

Dont read ur own experience in the text

Lets look at this with our mindset fixed

This is not about a christian lifestyle

This view is different than macarthur and ryle

While we were in the flesh

The law aroused our death

But now we are released

We serve in spirit, flesh deceased

In the flesh verse five

Unpack vs seven to twenty five

Verse 6 Now free indeed

unpacked eight one through seventeen

Verse fourteen changes everything... i am flesh

But in 6 we are freed and slaves to Righteousness

But how when paul says he to sin is sold in slavery

Are we stuck in sin or is Christ to us savory

All of seven is focused on the law

Its not talking of our sin or the culmination of the fall

If this talking about our sin and how we live in it and fear it

Then why doesnt paul ever talk about the spirit?

Eight one moves from the law back to the remedy

Seven has no spirit but chapter eight is like ‘may it not be’

Chapter seven shows us total defeat

But chapter eight shows our enemies at our feet

Fourteen through twenty five stands alone as hopeless

Chapter eight shows the Spirit will help us to stop this

Heres the objections with out no real basis

Lets debunk it and face this

Present tense doesnt mean present time

Even with a new verb dont mean a new rhyme

Its Pauls past story in the present tense

Not a fleshly christian struggling on the fence

How can an unbeliever want to do whats good

How can he be sensitive to God’s Holy food

How can he hate sin, desire God, and love the law

Well look who we are talking about? The Jewish man named Paul

He was seeking out righteousness without the spirit

And in chapter seven its his past we hear it

Dont leave thinking we dont wrestle with our sin

When ur looking for our identity chapter seven isnt how we win

Let chapter seven remind us of our past

Remember that to Christ in Hope hold fast

Laws and rules will never from sin deliver

They make it worse like a virus and a fever

Let instead the laws and rules point us to the savior

The Cross and Gods grace is the only way for changed behavior

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