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Hebrew 6 part 2

Hebrews 6 12-20, Highview Bible Chuch

God centered, all your blessings come from God

Comfort and affliction, get ready for the staff and rod

Only one point, and we get three subpoints

Why give the promise? Why mention it?

Why go through Abraham, why fulfill it?

Point One To show the nature of His purpose

Ultimately Him we gotta worship

Point two To strongly encourage believers

New birth, like sarah had hers

Point Three To securely anchor

His promises secure

Gods promise given to abraham

The origin of the Christian Fam

Him we gotta imitate

Starter of the israel state

He will be a great nation

No children? That will soon be changin

99 when its fulfilled

Because God always has His will

By our nature we are all liars

Thats why we oath, to avoid conflicting fires

We swear by something greater

To our own wills we dont cater

We confirm its accuracy

Dont break and then seek mercy

God is always true

He had no reason that to prove

Why then did He swear

Give an oath to make it fair

He had no one greater by whom to swear by

Even though we know God never lies

He swore by Himself

To show the nature of the wealth

Of his purpose and its nature

Its not changing theres no wager

Through the seed of that was planted

In the promise to Abraham granted

We now can all be heirs

In Christ our dept repaired

His will it is unchanging

Never rearranging

His purpose is immutable

His judgements irrefutable

He will never change His mind

Holy of a different kind

His promise is steadfast

His ways will never pass

Unlike the world thats always different

Amidst the storm of change christ was sent

In the midst of all the worldly chaos

Our rock will never move off

Be convinced his promise it is sure

His blessings are in store

God is most glorified

when we are most satisfied

in Him, we are all sanctified

Promises never nullified

2 things His promise and His oath

Neither are unchangeable, both

He can do all things but He cannot lie

Hows it possible? If He's God then why?

Cities of refuge for unintentional crimes

Like that we seek refuge in Christ

We are in exile like Israel we need refuge

Lost and sinners in Christ we need rescue

Arent u glad and encouraged that He's true to His Word

He wont drop His promises and change what you heard

The comfort we have is He will bring it to Completion

It defies all logic and reason

For a believer this is comfort and our tall tower

But to the unsaved there’s the fear of judgements hour

We've got a hope

Thats how we coupe

Pulled out of the pit by a rope

So if ur a believer please dont mope

This is our secure anchor

You wont be eaton by a rancor

There’s no fear of drifting off

If you've been saved you are not lost

Christ is the object of our hope of glory

Theres no fear, no need for worry

No placebo there is Christ or nothing

It you dont have Him then life your missing

This anchor is not ordinary

It doesnt sink it flies just like a fairy

Interceding in the Holy place

For Jew and Gentile, every race

Its not attached to any thing temporal

Not a reef, a dock, or even coral

Instead its attached to God on high

And in Him believers never die

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