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Hebrews 6

January 8th, Highview Bible Church

In so much as I do see

No fruit in u? Apostasy

Dont turn away dont u forsake

Jesus Christ and be a fake

A hypocrite that lives amongst

The bride of Christ and dines with us

Be afraid my friends for any one

Who was with us and now is gone

Dont question the new covenant

Be humble and reverent

Fear God and dont turn away

Dont say ur christian and then be gay

Apostasy vs perseverance

Agriculture makes it clearest

Believers sin and thats no lie

They lie and cheat and drink and die

Believers fall and then repent

They come right back to Him who sent

Apostates bear fake man made fruit

Plastic crap thats got no root

They pridefully rock heresy

White washed walls, a pharisee

Your and we

And You and our

You and me are promised more

Set against a black backdrop

The differences will never stop

Persevere and you are saved

God loves you tho you misbehaved

We persevere cuz he first loved us

Through his love weve obediance

We my friends arent overlooked

God notices, we werent forsook

He delights in us and all our works

Weve good deeds in Him as perks

All our works aren’t dirty rags

Dont be gloom and dont be sad

through Christ they’re acceptable

Holy and commendable

Our love might fail in many ways

But his love for us directs us to stay

We serve and do good to everyone

Perseverance is how we run

Especially those within the church

We must serve, they have worth

Enter a church weve got on masks

Oxygen breathing, serving with tasks

Diligent in hope

This is how we cope

Let ur zeal not lack nor ur insurance

Have some vigor have some fervence

All the way until the end

He’ll carry us and we wont bend

Dont be dull or hard of hearing

Dont be slothful or lack God fearing

Pilgrams progress, he meets sloth

He’ll come pray to Gods wrath

Be on watch and be on guard

Against the enemy who attacks hard

Follow Godly examples we see

Follow people not prideful like me

Look around who do you know?

Who Gods example they constantly show?


Dont be a queer

We continue cuz he did too

Walk the narrow the way of the few

His promises they are sure

Steadfast and faithful he is pure

When we fail He is faithful

But to the apostates He is hateful

Cling to Christ our joy hope and fate

Dont go to hell with the apostates

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