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1 Peter 2:11-12

I urge u as aliens and strangers

Pilgrims here in dangers

Abstain from fleshly lusts

Which wage war against the soul

Abstain from the world

Dont even touch evil

Pivotal moment

War of independence

Seeking their repentance

Hessians mercenaries

Fighting ruthless scary

Raul hated the Americans

Weak cowards they were scarin

Trenton 1776

Dead of winter American lose was fixed

Raul was so confident he never read the letters

Gambling drinking hessian betters

The americans overcame

And he lost his hessian reign

The greatest danger of warfare is the underestimation

Spiritual life is warefare dont underrate like the hessians

Your greatest enemy is you

Not a greek and not a jew

Our sin

It lies within

Killing us we cannot win

Its coming from inside

Try to run and try to hide

Sin is anything that keeps from being perfect

To be Holy before God we cant work it

War against the flesh

Fear suffering and death

How do we battle ourself?

Anything done thought spoken or imagined

not in conformity to the word and its passion

Is listed as a sin

Both Commission

And Omission

And Ignorant sin

Sin is anything not perfect

Its not the result of anything aside from ourself

It come from the devil

Its us that is evil

You cant do anything to mess up your kids up

They’re already screwed up

Chin up buttercup

We humanize God And We defy ourselves

The sin that we keep sinning is bringing us to hell

3 rationals for fighting against sin

3 sound reasons to fight evil and win

1 christian citizenship demands the fight

Gives us the right

To take the night

Turn it to light

And do whats right

Good theology doesnt mean its sunk into your soul

A knowledge of God doesnt mean he pulled us from the hole

Does a spiritual truth trigger a reflex to act in obedience to the Lord

We are foreigners on this planet traveling back to our abode

Dont be comfortable in the world

Does sin make you wana hurl

Are you saved? Do you really understand

Do you hate and abhor evil and against it take a stand?

2 fleshly lusts provoke the fight

Wagin war against the soul

Everything is at enmity with my entire being my whole

Have a strong desire uncontrollable to Him

But they often are diverted to direct us towards our sin

Flesh against the spirit and the spirit vs the flesh

Together in harmony these two can never mesh

Two things that are suited to humble the souls of men

These two truths will our wicked hearts mend

A due consideration of God and oh how great

And also Of ourselves our lowly estate

Labor to know your own frame and temper

If you forget your sin Jesus will sure remember

Satan has friends in your heart

Associates of satan in us an evil art

Do you know what evils lie within

Do you understand how evil is your sin

If you dont know the character of your heart you never understand Christ

If you dont understand your evil how can you be given a new life

If your fighting sin you’re alive

If you dont battle sin how can you survive

You’ll never do enough

Only He could do enough

What made Paul think we’d want to sin more

The right conclusion of grace is it abounds still more

Distrust your feelings they lie to make you happy

But only for a moment, its only temporary

Do you mortify

Do you daily die

Be killing sin or it will be killing you

If your not killing sin then your not believing truth

Even with the head severed the body keeps snapping

If your not severely killing then sin your soul is trapping

Put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh

Point life after Christ and your body put to death

3 fruitful evangelism motivates the fight

Keep your behavior excellent

If your not killing flesh then unbelievers wont know your sent

The day Visitation

Your flesh it needs starvation

Are we the same? Or are we separated

Do we look like the world or are we consecrated

Our evangelism is others seeing us serious about our sin

Our reaching out and witnessing is displayed by how we win

How do we protect our lusts and passions

How do we cater our lives to a sinful fashion

He breaks the power of canceled sin? We makes the foulest clean

There is no greater love no greater God no greater King

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