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Philippians 3

To live is Christ to die is gain

Chain on his wrist to a roman soldier

But being chained it only makes him bolder

Rejoice in the Lord

Lets not have discord

Locked up two years in ceseria

2 more in Rome only God can free ya

Prisoner of Christ, He put me here

Im not set aside Im not gona fear




Every bit of suffering will always be rewarded

In time hell be delivered, his deeds they are recorded

Rejoice is the theme

Be on Jesus’ team

Moving forward pressing on

Eyes are pointed at the throne

Real faith is always active pressing towards the goal

Pressing on towards faith, not by works and deeds

Only through Christ we plead

Art says put your eyes on the text

Dont be deceived by false pretext

Look out for the dogs, here paul starts with a warning

Evil has crept in, your hearts should be burning

We are the circumcision, not hanging on the flesh

But if you argue flesh, paul has done the best

He used to think he rocked because he was so fleshly

Now he regards it loss, he realized it was deathly

No righteousness himself, only through his faith

Everything he did he counts it nothing, base

We press on towards the goal by Losing all things

Dont hang onto the world by loose strings

I had to lose everything so I wont die in fire

Losing all is needed, its a Hinaphrase - required

We cannot be disciples if we dont bear our cross

We need to lose and die thats the only cost

Treasure christ and lose it all

If we dont we’ll surely fall

He needs to be worth more than anything we have

Dont go only half way, only giving half

Lose some money

This aint funny

Lose ur safety through suffering

Dont be waiting like we’re buffering

Serve difficult people you dont like

Do it cuz you know its right

By any means possible we may obtain the resurrection

Do we feel that way? Do we really seek perfection?

Is it worth all we have? Will give our entirety

Whats more important than Jesus’ Christ risen me?

Sin is insanity

God has got a plan for me

Join in imitating

Cuz there are some faking

Many walk as enemies their end it is destruction

Dont seek safety in the world, God is our protection

These are folks who dont press on towards the goal

So what really was their role?

Their actions of sin Their God is their belly

Their appetite is their desire really

They seek out riches fun and fame

These sinful people Glory is their shame

Their minds and Eyes are set on earthly things

They set their desires and hearts on earth to sing

They only look at temporal

And with Godly things they often corral

False teachers

False reachers

Make sure your calling and election

Examine christ, His resurrection

What is dominating?

Whats our soul debating?

What is on our mind?

Christ or humankind?

What do we think about?

Do we take an evil route?

Real faith alone saves us

Our appetites on Christ He takes us

What we do indicates our faith

Christ on us, copy paste

We press on So we may know christ

So we can know life

We wana know Him

Wana grow into Him

Captivate us

Save us

Love God with all your mind and heart

The first commandment from the start

The greatest joy is Jesus

Its a desire to please Him and not please us

I make it my own

cuz He made me His own

I seek out God cuz He’s on His own throne

Free tickets to disneyland so I dont have to go

Easy believism shows we dont desire more

I move ahead

Towards the Head

To know

To grow

For the prize

Open ur eyes

Please realize

Forget what lies behind

Rearrange your mind

What do we forget the past

Dwelling on the past hinders our progress

Discouragement and bitterness keep us from success

If you disagree with me

God will make see

As you grow in God we still dont know a lot

We can get hung up,

Please dont ever give up

Let us hold true

To what we have obtained

Lets us hold true to Jesus Christ who reigns

Move ahead with what we do know

Endure and go fast not too slow

Out citizenship is in heaven, to Jesus we await

Not American but residents of Heavens estate

Our home is there and we are eager

to return with great fervor

All will be subjected to Christ on high

Transformed with new bodies after we die

When we see Him

We will be like Him

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