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Hebrews 10:1-18

Resounding theme Jesus is better

Say it again Jesus is better

Repetition reminds us of the need

Israel stumbled so they need regurgitation

Israel had hangups so they needed revelation

They struggled to neglect such a great salvation

Their affection for Moses was the wrong heart palpitation

They struggled to find rest, spiritually immature

Apostates, to Jesus they wont defer

The Earthly tabernacle

They couldn't see was temporal

But these were all answered in the cross

If we want salvation we’ll have to suffer loss

The shadow

Had to

Point to Christ

The shadow

Was made to

Point to new life

A fear of shadows is psyaphobic

The fulfiment in Christ is like its probiotic

Answer to the question of what was coming

Instead the jews from the answer were running

Today were Scared of the eclipse

Scared of truth concealed in old testament lips

Its a Sign if stunted growth

Cuz whats needed is both

And the new concealed on old And the old revealed in new

We vilify God when we neglect ones like these Jews

This makes a reactionary God

Gods laws were never flawed

The flaw was those who tried to Perfectly obey

gods perfect instruction and just couldn't hang

This creates a High exalted view of god, A Low and humble view of man

A Perfect view of the flawless one shows us without Christ we cannot stand

Guard against the psyaphobic and Grow in understanding

of the difference between

contradicting opposition

And Anticipatory expectation

The Old testament

doesnt contradict

Jesus Christ

but anticipates his life

A Shadow is A sketch

A graph an outline

The old testament shadows were rough drawing of a kind

of what was to go happen

Its like God Sketched a picture before filling it in

The Shadow and the law has an inability

to save all those who throw it were trying to like God be

We are all In danger of reverting back

to the shadow of the truth revealed and unpacked

the Jews struggled to run back

We struggle to run away

This Comparison

shows anticipation

The old is crying out

for fulfillment

1st century bibles have 39 books told

A Reference to scripture is a reference to the old

Psalm 40 of david is quoting christ

Its a quote coming from the mouth of a reincarnate life

Speaking on the eve of His incarnation

Speaking and foreshadowing the great salvation

Stop making excuses for why Christians sin

The only power over sin is in Christ how we win

Sovereignty of gods authorship

And the supremacy of Christ his son

The Mission of Jesus is to do the fathers will

Gods plan for the perfect slaughter of His son who He’d kill

Spirit of God asserts supremacy of Christ

The Devoted triune Prophet, King, and Priest

The Spirit himself

bears witness

If we Suffer with him

We’re Glorified for the win

This all shows The proclamation

Of Jesus being greater and His amazing salvation

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