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Hebrews 10:19-25

What people are in their thought world

determines how they act in the real world

It Flows from their fingers and tongues

Michaelangelos chisel and scarfaces drugs

reading theology - dangerous

Theology is so important dont be trying to cage this


Who He is

and what He has done

Theology - Nothing’s more important

Not Down to earth, well go and seek and save sinners

We all have sin, sinners make sinners

Jesus Humbled Himself, obedient to death

Died for our sin, made peace, gave rest

Palm sunday

This aint the wrong sunday,

We’re included in the family like a swambaum

Happy ending with Christ like we’re living in a romcom

Inclusio - repeated language as some bookends

Makes some support for the position u defend

Confident confession, Confidently draw near

This same language at beginning and the rear

Redemption fulfilled in the middle

Jesus died for us beat, beard plucked, spat on spittle

We have access And admission

Blood of Jesus cuz for us He went fishin

Love without blood

is salvation thats a dud

Openess, the door swung wide

No fear to enter, no reason to hide

By the new and living way

On it you must stay

Prosphatos - freshly killed

Jesus the New road, its how God willed

Freshly killed living way

Debt is gone, Jesus paid

Curtain torn in two

By Jesus when He was through

60 feet high 30 feet wide

Jesus death ripped it from side-to-side

We have an advicate

At His right hand Christ sits

Moses was faithful in Gods house not over

Like Jesus was faithful through the storm like your driving on a landrover

We also are that house built up in Him

Built up to win

Seated with Him saved and made His kin

This must invade our thought world

Keeps our minds spinning like we cartwheeled

No fear With Him we’re hid

No fear like we’re buzz lightyear running from sid

Faith hope and love

No bumpersticker live laugh love

No hippie crap like we’re on drugs

Draw near

No fear

No divided loyalties

Now with Christ we’re royalties

Full assurance

Christ our insurance

Sprinkled clean and washed

Now to Jesus we must watch

Royal priesthood, Chosen race

New covenant, no disgrace

That you may proclaim

With Christ you reign

Hold fast your hope without wavering

Confession and all your saving

Hold fast and dont give up,

Look at Jesus Heads up,

Revelation plagues, 7 up

Sure and steadfast anchor

Elder lead like panker

Ratz and Ramos

Point to Christ our Theos

Ponder and consider

Stir up so they’re a winner

Provoke them with your zeal

Make them start to feel

Lets all be hospitable

Show God’s love incredible

Exalt God’s name together

Helps us bear the weather

More people more praise

More hands more hands raised

Don’d neglect to meet up

Gather and Bible read up

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