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Good Friday

Good Friday

Lay down the black cloth

Let us see the diamonds

Arms up knees bent

Nope u looking like the Hiesman

It’s impossible to forget past pain

That made you feel hopeless

But Paul says what we need to do

Is we need to shift our focus

Dead people are all in one way

They don’t respond even if they're dragged away

Dead people are given over

Never satisfied day-to-day

They don't care about God

BK have it your way

No one does good not even one

All are sinners that's why we need the Son

Humanity is worse off than we thought

In our sin we are caught

Doomed to Hell we need bought

Bad news of good Friday?

Well here’s some good news headed your direction

God is good

And good Friday is because of His perfection

Sometimes someone experiences god’s goodness in their life and you start to feel jealous

We need to start seeing Gods goodness on it’s own so we won’t be acting hellish

When we go through hardships we may be tempted to not be a believer

But should we from God receive good and not also get evil?

We have two gifts from God one is believe the other suffering

So count it all joy in trials with no complaining and mumbling

God is good in what He does and good in who He is

God is so good that good Friday was perfectness

Good Friday is good because all of us are not

We can’t understand good until our evil we are taught

Maybe we’d be jews bystanders just watchin’

Maybe wed be pontius before whom Jesus was broughten

Maybe wed be the wife something just not feelin’ right

Yet maybe we'd be barabbas the murderer who would fight

Our hearts in rebellion of Gods righteous rule

Traded for a righteous man the meaning of what was True

Good Fridays good because death is not good

Death mans curse, like dying on some wood

Grief is a real part of dying

55.3 million a year die causing pain and crying

105 a minute and 2 people a second pass

Wages of sin is death, it’s a reflection of reality

Death is not good it’s the last enemy to die

Good Friday is good because Christ’s death was

Roman’s crucified Christ who later was rose

  • Impalment on a tree in public just shows

That anyone who did the same would also go

In the same fashion dying in pain and agony

To save us Jesus dying is how it had to be

The word excruciating was invented to describe pain on a cross

The pain was so great and the death such a loss

Death on a tree was cursed by God's law

But when jesus died He was cursed for us as God saw

Penal substitution of Christs death for us he died

He replaced our dept and Gods wrath that satisfied

When we view things as small we can’t understand penal substitution

But if we have a high view of God and a low view of man we see the restitution

Good Friday is good because the news of the gospel is

The gospel the message of God and what is His

The whole earth is full of His glory

The message of God is Christ Jesus' story

Grow in our highview of God and our low view of man

There’s only one savior who can

Save us from sin

There were two extreme opposites standing before Pilot

Barabbus and Jesus, the murderer was chosen by the riot

The innocent dies the guilty’s set free

That’s the gospel message for you and for me

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