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Easter 2018


Outward reactions

They show us what’s inside

When we react

Our inward feelings can hide

Easter Sunday shows how we feel

About Christ and how we react

What we say and what we do

Shows how we feel and that’s a fact

John captured peoples reactions showing all emotions

Luke capture history details and the motives

Matthew shows the story laid out first to last

Mark is like a journal bulletpoints read fast

Early in the morning

Women they are mourning

Jesus died at 3

And the body they could see

It couldn’t be left out

Because the ceremony was about

Joseph of the ruling council came to wrap the body

They hurried it to burial crucified and bloody

The scripture then is silent until Sunday morn'

The women came to the tomb sad and forlorn

John shows us three reactions

And peoples actions

Reaction of growing faith and certainty

Its how God works in you and me

John had two evidences for the resurrection staring in his face

Empty tomb and stone removed Jesus’ in a new place

Connect the dots like a child in pre-K

Or like John chapter 20 will say

Most people say faith is believing something likely untrue

The Bible has a different faith to believe in for you

Faith is God-confidence and it growing higher

For it Evidence and knowledge are required

Reaction of confusion and hesitation

We bring a skewed perception of our situation

We see people reacting based on where they are

We see people react in sanctification near and far

Don’t worry jesus always keeps Himself an unavoidable

issue in your life God-man undeniable

‘If you love Me Peter feed my sheep’ He said

Peter responds I like you a lot, in the Greek its read

Peter responds again I have a string affection

It reveals his heart based on His reaction

Jesus asks do you even like me Peter

A reaction of Grief and Longing

Through Christ we are comforted when to Him we're belonging

Jesus calls Mary by her name

When He calls us from death He ‘s doing the same

Her reaction to Christ is tears

Joyfulness and fear

500 AD they said Mary was a prostitute

In reality she was only a woman destitute

She was not expecting resurrection

But her reaction shows her affection

All she wanted to do was bury Christ

She wasn't expecting Him to rise to new life

The sound of her own name gets her back on track

He calls her name and fulfills all her lack

Doctor Christenson had a student named Steve

He gave him an assignment because he believed

He did 10 pushhups for every student

Every 10 pushups got a kid a doughnut

Scott offended and didn’t want the food

But Steve still paid the price so Scott could

Steve still did the pushups for doughnuts people didn’t want

Even if students wanted to help they cant

Steve was the only kid with a perfect grade

He was the only one who the teacher would let pay

When we see Christ what’s our reaction?

How do we respond to Jesus' resurrection?

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