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Hebrews 10:26-31

Hebrew 10:26-31

A week past Easter back in Highview

Back together in the Word no more doughnuts in the pew

JULY 8TH 1741 Enfield Connecticut

Johnathan Edwards a sermon we aren’t forgetting it

What shall I do to be saved? What Shall I do for Christ?

Deuteronomy and Hebrews 10:31 show the staff and rod

Sinners in the hand of an angry God

This passage has a Lawson Rating VS

Very serious and sobering and severe it’s impressed

Upon our souls how wrathful God is

If you reject Christ and the fact that He lives

5 points are given to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comforted

Make sure the Word of Christ isn’t aborted

Characteristics of apostasy

One who sins deliberately

A willing sin is highhanded, done on purpose

An apostate is one who’s sin is done with fervance

Sin on their own accord

They don’t follow the Word

The go on sinning

Habitual bad living

Pause and understand don’t get it mixed up and make it unfair

Apostacy isn’t the same as a believer in warfare

God won’t allow sin

To remain in a Christian

Believers are convicted

Apostates convicted

Believers repentance

apostate insolence

Believers resurrected

Apostates unaffected

The sin is informed

Their soul not reborn

They know the gospel but their life is unchanged

They are sometimes in the church but their hearts deranged

Many are born right within the church body

Informed of christ but not transformed by His body

Every apostate is an unbeliever but not every unbeliever is apostate

Most apostates say the know God but their hearts in the wrong state

If you neglect to meet your on the track to apostacy

You’re a believer not in church? Dude that’s a fallacy

Stir each other up in the church by fellowship

Your apostate if you don’t stick around and abandon ship

What are the Consequences of a mans apostasy

No longer a sacrifice for those who stay in sin activity

For those who leave christ there’s no longer a sacrifice

Because if u reject christ nothing else can save your life

This passage doesn’t eliminate hope

Don’t get discouraged with this mindset cope

The only hope is Christ nothing else can save a man

If someone’s turned away, to Christ they can turn again

If God can save even Hitler can be saved

God choosing those saved and their hearts He made

If you reject the best

There is nothing left

A Certainty of judgement is the only thing that’s left

For someone who Christ's sacrifice was rejected

A more severe punishment awaits

For those apostate men who enter Hells gates

When a man knows the Bible and deliberately sins

And reject God and a repentance within

The judgement on them is worse for what they know

Their beating severe to fire they go

A stricter curse Christ gave to those whom He visited

And after the knowledge His message they rejected

Worse than sodom or the city of Tyre

God really hates hypocritical liars

Jesus spoke in parables to hide the truth he spoke

A merciful act less knowledge for a lighter yoke

If an old testament apostate was killed

How much worse for one under the new who sin willed

The punishment for those trampling the Word of Jesus

Is much worse for prafaning the Blood that should seize us

If once sanctified and now not were they saved? Here are three options

Losing salvation? Well that’s not one

Sanctification applies to christ? That’s a little gymnastics

Might be okay but a little fantastic

Unbeliever perhaps and most likely can be sanctified and won

1 Corinthians 14 unbelieving spouse is sanctified by the believing one

They are set apart

Even though they aren’t part

Of christ

And His life

Like our kids vipers

in diapers

There’s a judgement in state

For the apostate

He takes its personal

They’ve blasphemed the the One who’s real


Is the day

Turn and don’t stay

Living away

From christ and His way

You know the truth but do you know Christ

You might read the Bible but do you have new life?

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