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Hebrews 10:31-39

Claudius expelling jews from Rome

Nero replaced him in the throne

At that time hebrews was written

Endure the faith be a light not hidden


Do not fear

For the Lord is very near

Jimmy stop the car is coming

She runs to him eyes are tearing

In the midst of suffering endure

Like Ron Ramos 47 years

Israel piled up rocks

Arranged them like blocks

Gilgal - circle or stones

Remember - our faith it hones

Remember the former days

Where on ur faith u stayed

The light of the gospel doesn’t just live in but it comes out

Scream and shout

Endure a hard trial

Stay under it a while

Hypomeno – remain under

The lightning the thunder

With suffering experience abuse

Athletic event, suffer like jews

Lowered into a dungeon

First century prison

Today in a jail

It doesn’t feel like hell

Publically exposed to affliction

Theatrizo – on a stage with diction

Accused of romes fire

Nero – a liar

Partners together with those in chains

Meeting their needs, sharing their pain

Joyfully accepted plundered property

Stand by the prison with Christians talk with me

Joey accepted his truck got broke into

They stole his laptop they broke his window

Our possession is something much greater

Something hid that we will get later

Our home is in heaven our livings not temporal

Our house will be Renovated I’m a ruble

By what power is this cripple healed

By the name of Christ for by it I’m sealed

When they saw the boldness

The gospel they grow this

They were shocked and stunned

These men should be dumb

Without education they stood in all confidence

They’d been with christ and the bible they followed it

Boldness was prayed for so they get the reward

It’s a Titled deed to assure a future with more

Receiving what’s promised is the prize

Believe and be bold don’t listen to lies

This is our blazing future hope

Without it we cant cope

It’s not won by our works

From it do not swerve

We have everything

But this life it stings

Don’t shrink back

Heart white not black


Babylon attack

Why hold back their punishment

Why let them run from it

Why delay

Why let them stay

But God promises his coming

And then they will be running

God is not delaying but is right on schedule

So don’t keep your headfull

Know that God is patiently enduring

Building up His fury

God uses affliction to separate the wheat from the shaff

as Christ takes his seat Holds his wrath

God will take care of judging evil zo don’t shrink back

Persevere and don’t slack

Or God has no pleasure in you

And God will give no treasure to you

We wont shrink back and be destroyed

But go to heaven and have joy

This moment of pain will be brief

But then with God we'll have no more grief

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