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Hebrews 11

What does it mean to live by faith?

What kind of faith makes us saved?

Does living by faith preoccupy our mind?

Do we look like the old or the new kind?

Is it possible to have a strong faith of God and a weak understanding?

Knowing the Bible but with faith hardly standing?

Do our eyes shift focus are we weary for encouragement

Looking at our lives our desperation do we bury it?

This mornings passage is a description of faith

The endurance of these men they completed the race

Some say the hebrews one through three is inclusive

They are wrong the rest of hebrews they excluded

Read it in context it extents from chapter ten

Don’t read it isolated read it again

Where does faith originate

Read ephesians two verse eight

God alone assigns a measure of faith

You’ve been saved by faith and that by grace

And It’s not your own doing but from God a gift

And held by Christ your soul Satan won't sift

Read it theocentrically

Read it christologically

the Bible is the Truth unappoligitcally

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for

Like were in Oklahoma?

A beautiful morning and day don’t make faith for a man

We aren’t hugh or the greatest showman

I’ve got have faith like George Michael

But that faith has a rival

Faith is not subjective

Its unchanging and objective

Assurance means solid something you stand upon

It’s a solid bedrock call me fred flintstone

Gods promises comprise our hope

Without it we can never cope

Do we struggle with fear, like Peter do our eyes blink

Walking out on water then we start to sink

The conviction of things unseen

I’m not meaning a dream

Conviction and assurance are very similar greek

But it is slightly different and nowhere else in the bible does it speak

It has to do with evidence and proof something you can see

So faith being conviction seems contradictory

Noah built a boat based simply on Gods word

He built before rain simply because he heard

Faith goes above and beyond sensory objection

We have to see beyond our physical perception

Hebrews eleven is meant to clarify faith

It’s meant to encourage us to run the race

Men of old by faith received their commendation

Faith results in God exultation

Verse thirty four rack shaq and abednego

Quenched the fire God saved their lives let them go

Were they heroic? Did they do something great?

They’d redirect attention to the Jesus Christ's estate

If God is the giver of faith and the commander of faith

He glorifies Himself through His work in their place

God may deliver or He may let us suffer here

Living by faith means we trust God and do not fear

Faith means we rest in Gods ways not ours

If by death or by life it’s His way not ours

understand God created the universe

everything is His turf

It’s a small glimpse of his power and majesty

Only a sliver of Gods great immensity

Everything we see's made by the invisible for the invisible

Everything tested to make sure it is biblical

How do we respond when our children defy

When our coworker speaks lies

When our spouse argues

And our lusts wont die

Lack of faith makes our reaction by worldly sight

Living by faith makes us look Christlike

Lack of faith makes us suffer loss

Faith keeps our eyes on focused on the cross

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