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Budget Meeting

Jeremiah 9 23 through 24

Open up ur mind open up the door

All of scripture is God breathing

Move from milk to toddler teething

Jeremiah the wailing prophet

Not like Jonah the whaling prophet

He’s the mouthpiece of Gods voice

Gods words Jeremiah no choice

God declares, its inclusio

Book ends, it wont fool ya tho

It tells us what we need to stop and what We need to do

What He delights in and what makes Him fume

Boasting that is bad and then there’s good boasting

Praise in God is good, sin let’s be roasting

To boast is to praise is the same as hallelujah

Created to praise don’t let the world steal your heart and jew you

Chief end of man glorify God and praise him forever

Created for glory of God our sin let’s sever

Adam and eves sin was an attack on gods glory

Sin is prostitution and eve was getting whory

Men boast and glory in themselves and in their wealth

Boasting in physique boasting in their health

All of this temporary

Here for a moment then flys away like a fairy

Boast in understanding and knowledge

Of God and not degrees or college

What comes into our mind when we think about Him

Is the most important thing about us and our sin

This knowledge is intimate like were having sex

Salvific knowledge not dead like the t-rex

To know God is to worship Him

Inheritance with Christ hashtag kin

Budget meeting 2018

Highview bible let the money be seen

No crystal ball no mystics not scary

What’s our vision, our service opened with Larry

Learning loving living in light of the gospel

Growing much bigger getting more hospitable

Move forward here is our vision

Cut out the sin… circumsicion

5 levels – application

Health of the church so make a decision

Commitment to preaching Gods word

God of the bible exalted over the world

Discipleship - disciple making disciples

Leading and loving call us Highview

Reach out to community let’s call it outreach

Ray comfort bible sharing preach brother preach

Share like a light the life your living by the Gospel

Spiritual food like chicken and waffles - rostcos

Serve other churches hold hands kumbaya

Shows unbelievers we all serve God through the fire

Connected we work together no fision

Central valley gospel coalition

Church multiplication

Brett herren math sensation

Send out men and build new church bodies

Preaching so hard that you need a hot taudee

Global mission reach out to the globe

Naked souls before God get these people disrobed

Train up and disciple those to send out

Unreached people ben and Holly Smith shout out

Remember to suffer

It’s only getting rougher

Publicly humiliated

mocked and Incarcerated

Meeting the needs

Plundered property no seeds

God is always faithful

Endure don’t be hateful

Highview started pregnant ready for a baby

Premature church probably not but maybe?

We tried two services but that didn’t work

We wanna be together there’s a lotta perks

Clark crapo emperor of the cops

When we he needed a break pankrats took the spot

Rich took a role at Hume Lake

If he has to leave who’s gonna bake?

Ron just finished a 6 year commitment

Carlson’s leaving Kentucky where he got sent

We decided Clovis first Baptist

Is where were gona meet that’s why I rap this

No longer ten instead four thirty

Know before God were depraved and dirty

Aaron is the chair be humble and sit down

Point to Jesus He wears the crown

As a nonprofit we have to have a meeting and a budget

Glenn shows us the numbers an Asian he wont fudge it

Our budget can only change as much as 2 percent

Our money may go out but from God its sent

Our giving its gone up no more cutting ministry

Were taking on new folks new missionaries

Three hundred plus thousand let’s get the breakdown

Looking at the money the split it looks sound

Gods will were sanctified

Old self dead hashtag I died

Continue in love self sacrifice

No chance God’s sovereign no role of the dice

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