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Hebrews 12:1-2

Hebrews 12:1-2

Open up your ears let me hear you listen

cloud of witness their testimony glistens

Therefore in light of what was written

See it in the whole context while your sitten

Tired of the trials the jews wanna turn back

To the old ways mosaic law which lacked

The grace of Jesus Christ poured out , no lack

Persecuted Jews needed their hope kept on track

Saints pre occupied with christ in heaven

Not watching our race cuz there's no leaven

The saints former race is for the brethren

As an example to us like Stephan

Voice of the blood in the ground

It speaks

Poured out life for God

For the weak

Abel's race was run

For our sake

Their life was given your soul's

At stake

Listen to the men in ground And their story

How they had faith its their testimony

Their life and persecution

Maytryr execution

Witnesses their life like a movie

Of whom the world was not worthy

Lay it aside the sin and the weight

Bulky mass, in a heavy state

Pertuberance that sticks out

Fat and stout

Gumnoto – train naked lay it all aside

The weight not even sin will burden your stride

But sin needs put off of us

It Entangles and estranges us

It crouches at our door it sits close by

It distracts us in the hopes that we'll die

Repent and turn away slam the door shut

Put it to death so we wont be stuck

We cant kill it by our own means

Instead of our strength on Christ lean

Run run run

Run from the gun

The race ain’t a sprint, the race ain’t wireless

Pace yourself the race is tireless

Run with endurance make sure it isn’t aimless

It’s not an easy thing it sure ain’t painless

The race has been set before us

Soverignly ordained towards us

He’s in full control before during and after the trail

Not just rescuing us for a while

He brought about the bad as well as the good

He’s there through all so that we would

Bow down and pray turning to Him

Turning to Him who saved us from sin

Look to Jesus eyes on the cross

Look to God the king and boss

The climax

No relax

Is Christ His magnificence

The aim

Of the game

Is Christ unchanging

The prize

That we strive

For is Christ who died for

Us he’s our founder




You stumble you fall

Heck you cant run at all

The race was run

by God's only sun

He called you to finish the race He ran for you

He called you to leave sin that He became for you

For the Joy set before Him he finished your run

And though you cant run your runs already done

The God of the Word points you to the Word

The Word of the Hebrews which you’ve already heard

Greater abel your sacrifice

Greater noah saved for new life

Greater abraham promise fulfilled for me

Greater moses led from captivity

If you struggle with trials wondering what’s left

Know God saved Jesus new life from His death

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