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Hebrews 12:3-4

Hebrews 12

To make men do what they don’t wanna do in order to achieve what they wanna be

God does that with discipline for you and me

Consider the cross Christ endured it

The hope of believers don’t defer it

90,000 every year 1 every 6 minutes dies

Christian martyrs like Christ no surprise

Analogizomai - to think actively, effort and precision

Look at the cross this way when uve got a decision

He endured so u wont grow weary

His endurance moves us and will steer me

Church was tempted to renounce Christ

Christ was tempted to not die and keep His life

We havent resisted to the point of shedding blood

Put it in perspective, the writer writes in love

Gethsemane Jesus sweat blood drops

Mic drops

As Jesus steps up

To the throne on High the top

You’re a son inherit this

Share in this

Care ‘bout this

No meriting this

Discipline a son like you care about His soul

Like there’s more to this life to make a child whole

And the God who is above the fullness of the full

Cares about His children those to whom Hes called

The discipline of God don’t be acting negligent

Without Christ your sins you would be dead in it

Pain is bearing fruit so go ahead keep your head in it

Keep your mind on Christ and then you will be led in it

Evil mens persecution is the means of God

Keep your core on Jesus suffer through the rod

Persevere to the end you Christian have a job

Worship music in my ears like I got an ipod

Job lost it all

Destined not to fall

Jesus was His call

God the All in All

Don’t denigrate discipline

Keep yourself from sin

The chastisement is for the one God loves

From above

Chastise is scourge to make me more like His son

Gods work Hell make sure its done

Why endure the pain

Why stay in the game

Our discipline much is legit

Without it we cant even quit

For we never started


From oursinful way

From our evil place

Without the discipline we cant be a child

We are wild

If discipline ain’t mastered

We are a bastard

Unadopted pagan unsaved

Not free but a slave

A theology of pain

Is the theology that reigns

Chastised people are people made pure

Saved nation Holy people Christ the cure

Discipline can sweet or sour

Horribly painful for an hour

It seems painful but it later yields fruit

A necessary pain home can refute

Obedience brings pain don’t kick against it

Don’t take my word for it the Bible says it

Future glory

Brand new story

Something better ahead

After your dead

Raised to new life

Short pain short strife


For the win

Then well be with out kin

In heaven

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