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Psalm 37

Worry or fret

Jesus don’t forget

The wicked prosper, where is the justice

Where would u turn were to defend this

Psalm 37, David's old and about to go to heaven

Do not fret, don’t go getting heated cuz evil is happening, stay humble stay seated

Why don’t the evil get caught they keep on stealing and reeling against the gonads

Following fads

Proud and arrogant,

My mad and feral rant

Makes me scream and stamp

As I hate this evil land

They Staying stained and ungodly knocked up by the world, giving birth to evil get preggers

How as a godly do I keep from getting triggered

And angry

At the prosperity

Of the evil democracy

Keepin me from fretting looking up and ahead

Keep my head locked

Eyes shocked as I’m staring at Jesus

Raising up praises for days with these daisies

I’m laying on tombstones

Of these bones of the burdens I’m unburdening myself with

Ungirding myself with

Unfurling myself with

I’m not deserving of this

Straight swerving from this

I commit to the lord difficult and hard all this grief I’ve done stored

Up in my heart from the trial and heartache

I’m not tryna be fake

I wanna see and eat my cake

Screw that I need steak

I trust and look up

The cross He took up

And broke up the reign of death

One last breath he took in

And sook in

All sin

And became

Death defying king reigning supreme on the throne of grace

He made it so I can finish the race

Taking disgrace

Passing all my finals my tests aced

Earths the closest thing to hell I’ll face

Death he ate up and spit out

His he bore out and he laughs at the wicked in their futile attempt

All their knees will be bent as their mission will fail

In anger they rail

Their weapons and arms broken

No hope they’re still hoping

Vanish and perish

Both sinners and pope parish

Cursed and cut -off, they strive in vain attempt to a gain with no end

No friends

As I stand on rock not sand

Secured redeeming hope of eternity

Wisdom does not envy

Wicked prosperity

God pours out blessings and sustains the righteous

Not making it lifeless

He gives in abundance those seeking Him

The victory will win

Protected by God persevering

God fearing

Look up dwell on the Lord and the sustenance he provides for his flock

Built upon Him foundation rock

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