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Reason For the Season


for the season

is pleasing

God and recognizing

The reprising of the role manifested through Christ

The word given life and we see him born in the manger

No stranger to a poverty stricken lifestyle

Soon reviled

Defiled, suffering outside the Gate

Dying for hate being hated on

Spat upon

Suffering long

Gabriel came down and spoke

Mary’s scared awake; woke

Bearing the burden burden bearer; yoke

Bound in betrothal you cant break but by death or divorce

Betrothed at 13 by force

In Nazareth galilee

Have faith and believe

Gabriel said that shed found favor with God and shall conceive in the womb

A son raised from the tomb

Stopping impending doom

His name shall be Jesus for hell save many

Son of the most High

Born so He can die

Adopted by Joseph but the son of David , king defending

God in flesh birth popped out by a virgin she had never had sex

Just read the text

Theres no justifying

it’s simply just lying

to say

Theres a way

To asexually


Theres no proof it’s any other way than Luke the doctor said

It would have left his work dead

And his attention to detail

Validates its reliable

The holy spirit came upon Mary shadowing her impregnating

Christ birth and creating

An elevating of the son of man

The angel served by going where God sent

Repent and turn

Relent or burn

He carried the message of the message shed carry

Carried the good news of the good news shed ferry

Into the world,

hurled headlong into parenting the God-man

The gift of Christ hand

In fellowship

Makes us repent

And bow our knee in recognition

Broken from prison by the work of the cross and Christ

Given knew life

Free from strife

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