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2019 Begins

Trust God

In tumultuous times

As I’m spitting these rhymes

Writing these lines

As Gods showing us signs

How can you have your hope set

How do you cope yet

Your feeling broke, stuck

Feeling no luck

1 Samuel 21

Points to the son

God will rescue us from our enemies when were all alone

Confidence in Christ get your Jesus on

Alone and afraid what’s the alternative

To save my life and live cuz

David’s sitting on the doorstep of his enemy

Goliaths family, elementary

Says it’s a dumb plan you see but hes outta options so he’s feeling rash

Broke with no cash

Seeking help from Acash

His hearts full of passion


And stashin’

His hope and glory

On God who’s holy

He pleads on his knees

And he sees

what God has said and who He is

And praises

through prayer

Gods justice is fair

The Lords always there

Answering and fulfilling the promises He's made

His hands staid

On the plans made

Prayer and proclamation through persecution

Gods manifestation is the solution

Push away evil like you’re doing a Heisman

Know you’re a sinner like you’re one of the Clintons

Take your trust and put it in the word coming back so fruitful

Taste and see that it is so beautiful and sweet

God our savior soon to meet

The word of God not milk but meat

Like David and Elle we might be small

But when the rollercoasters at the top and about to fall

Hold Gods hand tight He's our all in all

He delivers my soul from the valley of death

New life through His breath

His son gives us rest

Persecution is waiting for the Godly guy

But we wont die well be lights cuz were lightened

Through Christ fighten' to mend

Heightened to send

As 2019 begins

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