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John The Baptist

The prophet who’s greatest

Is latest

In appearing

For fearing

Like a question on trivial pursuit

Ain’t trivial or moot

He’s Preaching

And reaching

For the Messiah

Not a liar

But a fire

Eating locusts and honey

Looking forward to bloody

Revolutions, they nailed to a cross

Took all the cost

And the loss is not lost

And the dross is not dross

He ushered the new age and a new covenant

Baptized with water, message relevant

Elijah is back manifest

through John the Baptist

The greatest prophet to ever walk

On earth

And talk

Of who was coming


Ing all the Pharisees

From dipping in water

Slipping in fodder

Their money they coddle

Repent Iike it’s an old fashioned sermon

I’m yearning for the days of hell fire and brimstone

So get higher and live long

Seeker friendly gets it wrong

You brood of vipers

Wolves and liars

Burn on pires

Cuz Heavens higher

Repentance requires confession of sin

Profession of kin

to God through His son

The battles been won

Mercy is found

Inheritance bound

In the cross of Christ and repentance


The Consensus is we’re poor sinners in need

Who needed Jesus to bleed

So get on your knees

And plead

Know your need of a savior feel the shame of depravity

Our sin brings a gravity

Showing the greatness of God

And Christ

Were giving new life by the life made death

Giving new breath by the breath that was taken

And it’s taken from us at the thought and recognition

Opened eyes like a vision

Broken free from the prison of death and despair

Our sins He would bear

Almighty and Holy God is the King

Raise shout and sing

We are unworthy to untie the sandal

The scandal

Of a king made a slave made a king

Buried in a cave

Came to earth to save

And it brings

A new heart and spirit and life, no loss

Holy Spirit Pentacost

A preacher is a nobody

Telling everybody

Of a somebody

Who can save every nobody

And make them holy

Set apart, separate

A leper knit

Together again

Sweet brethren

We r given the spirit to turn

The spirit to yearn

And be enabled to live

A life to give to Christ

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