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Difficulty, real

Trials fire sealed

Our culture and society

Propaganda lies to me

1 peter chapter 6-9

Suffering let’s draw the line

Christians experience Rejoicing

and grief were voicing

New life we’re born again

Holy spirit will commend

The new man

Well stand

Not on sand

But the rock of life

Not Dwayne Johnson but Christ


Will kill ya


to hero

He was Persecuting


And Substituting

Food for lions with the heirs of the lion

Rise up headstrong

As culture runs headlong

In opposition to the cross

Count it no loss

As you rejoice in suffering, praise in persecution

Restitution is found in

and grounded

Although you are hounded

And beat and battered

Lifeblood splattered

Poured out and spilt

Grim dirt and filth

Purified and sanctified

Crucible until you die

Drink offering testified

Clear the fog as you swim against the current

The current

Situation and trial

keeps mind in denial

Instead have the eyes set

On the prize yet

We despise that

Suffering tries yet

Eternal glory is kept secure and sealed

So yield yourself to God have an eternal perspective

The selective and temporal trials of the earth

Serve to bring new birth and glory to God and His story

Trials necessary

Even though they're scary but they fall under sovereignty

Foreordained for God and me

He’s 100 percent good 100 percent sovereign

200 percent ruling over all of your problems

All things work together for good

Preordained so yearn

As he captures all your tears stored up in a bottle

Don’t coddle and grieve

Don’t forsake and leave

The faith instead bleed

And plead for a soul that sings

And rings with exaltation

Ordination of your soul

Trials are various


Many colored like Joseph's coat

Unequal like some yokes

Strengthen yourself with Christ get yoked

The purpose of the variance

Is testedness vicarious

Created in us sustenance

The trials for our benefit

Though were bereft

It refines us like a furnace

Prunes us and it burns us

It brings up the sin


It melts us to win

A new heart akin to christ and his likeness

The rightness of the way

To help us stay steadfast

So well last and hold on and cling on

to the revelation

of salvation



Is stored

In heaven christ adored


Work built on the foundation

Sustained faith

Ordained race as your race hard

Eternal glory is kept hard

All crowns thrown down

At the work that was worked

Through Christs worked worked out through you

You don’t see Him but love Him

Even Gods who’s above Him

No disadvantage for our vantage point

That points to who God is

Rejoicing victory adage

All trials necessary


Makes us Holy

For Gods glory

And His story laid out

And paid out

In Christs blood made out

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