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Persecution Week 3





Need a break from the grind

Caffeine it’s a grind

Go look for a sign

Christianity is grindless

The world’s spineless

No rest

But abreast from the world like a breast stroke

Swimming until were broke

And broken

Spilled out for the lord

Health wealth prosperity

Dude that life ain’t for me

Your Best life now

Means theres a worse one later

If you follow God then your gona get haters

Got an Expectation

Well Gods Revelation

Haters gona hate

Sufferings ur fate

Love one another

Love ur evil brother

It’s a mark

Ur branding

Christlike standing

World and hate continual

Suffering perpetual

If you’re a Christian you’ll be hated

And rated

Call it overrated

Or dated

Or fated

For the God of the universe

To let the world be cursed

And now its a Fallen world system of rebellion

I’m yelling at your peace and prosperity

Your not headed to hell with me

Do not be surprised

Open ur eyes

No roll of the dice to see the evil world system

Wants you and a schism

And when u break away

No longer stay

Connected and plugged in

Cuz you were chosen

Now they hate you

They friggin hate

You’re an alien man and they hate you

A society of rebels fighting the power

Heightened this hour

Like a tower

But we shower them with truth Kill them with wits

Step into my shower satan welcome to Auschwitz

Nine tales

The word doesn’t fail

You get Lashes

And gashes

And rashes

And flashes of visions and future

When you wont back down

Keep the resound

Of the sound

That well be singing for ever

Seek and endeavor

To stand

Right hand

Up hailing

And wailing

The nailing

Of the hands to the tree

The king we made bleed

95 thesis

John Knox and Tyndal

Assaulted assailed

Never wanting to fail

But the people all railed

And jailed

And killed

The men who wouldn’t back down from following

Hollowing holes in the logic lacking lovers of flesh

Headed for death

They hate you cuz they hate christ

They hate you cuz they have no life

Jesus brought the sword and He's slicing and dicing

Dividing the wheat

Jesus took the seat at the right hand of the throne

Checkmate this is no game of thrones

Satan’s prowling like a lion

And spying out the men he can eat

But He's already beat

Jesus washing feet but His feet are ready for the footstool

The cross he won the duel

And he rules

The world rejects Him

Deflects Him

Projects Him as the work of Beelzebub the demon

But He was here to free all men

And Subject them

Who reject Him

If your not persecuted are even saved

Do you even suffer, are you enslaved

To obedience

Seeking Christs righteousness

Heads up John Richard ain’t a prophet

But we prophet from his teaching

And soul reaching

And bleaching us with the word

Evil doctrine- swerve

If they persecute you

God will reward you

Give you assurance

Of the salvation that’s for you

Comfort sucks

As Christian’s duck

From boldness

And radical revolutionary light shining faith

The race of endurance

Is held back by our hindrance

When cultural christianity

Deceives and pacifies me

Classifies me as emasculate

Every façade of our being should be open proclamation

Open exaltation

Of God and His salvation

God bears fruit when we bear marks of tribulation

In the world and vocation

So be a man

Take a stand

And Bear some marks like Jesus' hands

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