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Marriage Week 4

Exalt Christ on high

Revolt sin till u die

Build or destroy the house

Holy Spirit rouse

A wise wife working wonders of wisdom

Working the system

Not creating a schism

In the household like continual dripping

And sipping and tripping over holy water

Glass ceiling stop climbing the ladder

Build up the walls like trump at the border

Husbands hide on the corner as your cornered

By a quarrelsome wife

Making strife for your life

Submit and commit and admit

To God cuz the Bibles legit

Praise truth don’t be throwing a fit

Be subject

don’t reject

its God who’s the prefect

And perfect authority the one your submitting to

A willing submission that’s true

Pillars under a bridge without the Godly woman the man falls

Unless your single like Paul

They're called there like the neck of a man

Turning the head where she plans

She ain’t no doormat

Instead a role that

Is Godly and called to its place of honor

Though guys better not wrong her

Guys aren’t better than girls… wait really?

Okay I feel ya

Wives aren’t called to obey but submit as an equal

Wives aren’t your children

Instead win

The heart of your wife everyday

A gift from God to stay

And play with and pray with

Women aren’t called to submit to everyman

Just the husband your married to

But don’t follow ungodly rule

Even if he's not saved submit

show godly behavior

Demonstrate the savior

Don’t preach him to reach him and teach him

Godly submission to seek him

Women are called to love

Given a call from above

The weakness that besets the wife is seeking control

Replacing the role that gods placed on the women

Hence the word feminism

Fission created in gender roles

Partisan like the arctic poles

Make sure the word isn't blasphemed

But redeemed

Bible worm out no reem

What the Bible says not what seems

The way the world proclaims


eyes centered on the cross

Adorning a loss

No deodorant long skirts and a bonnet

Your face no makeup worn on it


Have a hot body and heart that’s on fire

Doesn’t matter your Meyers

Briggs but make sure your not domineering

Or fearing a mans bad leadership

Instead submit even to passive men

Don’t lasso in

A man by asserting authority

Over ordinary

Be attracted to your wife

Make sure she turns you on

Just like jaime does for john


Don’t neglect

The honor owed

The work God sowed in your husband

The work he's been growing

Be reverent

God sent in your actions

Respectful in thought and deed

Words spoken in need

Don’t gossip and badmouth your husbands name

Don’t speak bad or shame him

And blame him

Regardless of where he stands

Regardless of how he's fallen

And stalled and neglecting to lead you well

Many times the reason he fell

Is because he wasn’t respected or honored

He didn’t feel needed and wronged her

It’s the time of the Jetsons the Flinstones are over

Submit to your husband? I’d rather keep over

Godly women demonstrate and speak

A Godly marriage every week

Submit and love, show focus and respect

Issues in marriage God corrects

Seek to demonstrate

Through Marriage how God is great

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