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Psalm 47

Living and speaking the bible runs after me

Chasing with feet its hands hold onto me

Bondage of the will go ahead and get some handcuffs

Jesus every page, but the priests would stand up

And praise as wolf clothed as sheep worshiping the lamb

As theirs souls dammed to hell

The yell of the soul to reach a God who redeemed them

Reclaimed them

A remnant


Not hell bent

But relevant and

And real

Right doxology

needs right theology

An apology or the soul

Filling the whole with Christ

And life

Gods the mighty fortress

Pour this

Blood on your body as the body was shed

Wash in the water that’s living not dead

God help present

And God sent

So relent of the sin that boils and curdles

The help is Corporate and plural

The mural were painting is a refuge of strength

Feel your weakness let your back break

And ache from the pain of bearing it urself

When u know it’s not you, ur bible ain’t on ur shelf

Help we want but were on God waiting

He's sating our desire for help

He triumphs through us, mighty work working wonders

He thunders at the terror that terrifies us

Denies us as our eyes they realize in surprise the need of Jesus to die

No fear as the earth gives way and we say in reliance not defiance

The mountains bow down

At the sound

Of God walking on the ground

Everest Rainer Kilimanjaro

Gods right hand will kill you tomorrow

A wicked sinner save me a wretch

My sin so deep like the Mariana trench

Mariano better fetch the camera

As God hammers ya

With majesty and glory

Finishing the story

The city of God the holy habitation Gods team

Rivers of water flowing in glad streams

Bow on your knees and pray

And say what your heart feels

As your heart reels

And steals away your desire

Aspire for something greater not later but now

Present help somehow

Through Christ this round and always

Eyes always stay on the cross

And the loss he had and not us

The morning Dawn’s and He's there holding the curtain and veil

All people will hail Him as king

Sounds ring in rejoicing and nourishing power

The hour of help is the dawn

The wrong is unwronged

As the song is sung

And the victory bell wrung

Jesus dwells in the city of God in the midst of the people

The steeple

that’s pointing

anointing messiah

Reviler and sinner made clean and dwell

And lean and kneel

Bow and feel the Holy separation in the midst of God

Abba father god dwelling amongst

Singing so loud u cant feel your lungs

Or tongue

As the praise goes on

Its certain and real

Not how u feel

Exalted help



Hating cage staging

Outside the gates of the city

The pity is the raging against the machines

Against the great things of the Holy one

Exalted one

No greater power

The hour is near

Dangers no fear

The heavenly host above

Angelic messengers of Love

We submit and know

Bow bringing our faces low

Don’t triffle and stifle the city of God endurance

Through the furnace

That’s been warned us

Is needed for survival and revival

Let goods and kindred go

This body mortal too

His kingdom too

For those saved, me and you

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