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Suffering Wednesday Night Sermon

Suffering again

This subject never ends

Earthquakes floods people dying hard things and trouble



On the path

Dirt not grass

Talents we pass

And bury as we bury bodies burdened by sin

Burnt bloody dirty from sin

Bury to win

As buried bodies rise up again

Dirty water cleansed

The Bible's

No rival

For a good book on trials

As Kyle’s message continues

To win you

Psalm 119 my friend that never leaves


And heaves

As you wrestle through

Each verse or two

Alphabetic word focused stanzas for the agnostic

This acrostic

Is the longest

And the cost is

a cross that

Lost It

And sin tossed it

And brought it

To the grave

So were saved

God uses affliction


For a mission

It’s good That we suffer the pain

Stand in the rain

No umbrella insane though

Shoot arrows God's rainbow

Difficulty’s not your enemy

The chemistry

And remedy

Is the friend in me

Jesus the king

Praise then prayer

On the cross stare

Rely on Gods character for strength

No matter the length

Of the trial

Keep you humble fly down like Kyle

Lye down and cry all

Your burdens to God

Even though it’s a lot

Like Jospeh who was bought

And rose up to preserve

No good thing he deserved

But the Lord God he served

The worst evil God will make the best good

Killing the son of God resulted so it would

Make Him Lord

of the living and dead

The Word said

And bled

The Bread

That fed

The drug the med

The rest the bed

The Church its head

But He was smeared with lies

Walls splattered with lye

Jesus rose up on High

Discipline is there so we learn and grow

Gods character we know

Pulled back to Him like undertow

Ebb and flow

Sin let go

The bad things are used for His glory

For His story

He paid the fee

Made for me

With Him agree

Trust in Je-


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