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Persecution Week 4

End of His life

They're about to kill Christ

They're mad-libbing

And tripping

And tipping the scales

Righteous work fail

Jesus Lord hail

Words and works demonstrate the sign

Calibrate the mind

Exultate sublime

Jesus provides the help in persecution

Established institution

Intuition is less

Then the blessed help sent

Not hell bent

But God sent

Another helper from above

Comes from the clouds like a dove

Fills your heart with Godly love

The spirit of truth

There in abuse

When falsely accused

There's a helper coming

Sin start running

Cuz He's summing

Up the totality

Of Christ, no fallacy

Death to sin and depravity

The Son and the Father both have a role

Saving the soul

Sending the spirit

Fear it

And tear up

Your sealed up

So kneel up and pray

In the spirit

The God-head three

Holy Spirit in me

Complete harmony

3 in 1 unity

He testifies

About Jesus , so confess the lies

No surprise

We need the spirit to evangelize

And to witness

He did this

It came upon them at Pentecost

Dead and lost now saved

Sin and dross no slave

The Holy Spirit Christ gave

To us it came upon

Them in song

Help in the long

Run, so are you sharing

Are you caring

And bearing your soul out evangelism

Spirit is workin

No shirking your talents and treasures stored up in jars of clay

Open your mouth and say

The gospel so others can be saved

They need to hear and were called to speak

To break

The news of what they need

Gospel planted seed

Open your Bible and read

Get off your seat

Beautiful feet

Even those that stink

And smell

Gospel saves those from hell

Especially those that fell

I need butter milk and bread,

going to Ralph’s Trader Joe’s or Sprouts

Share the gospel when your out and about

Don’t fall out

But call out

And shout with boldness the truth

Trapped and baited like your being bear baited

The truth ain’t jaded you wont get hugged like a bear

It’s not fair

Like an animal snared

Don’t be scared

No illusion people will hate

That’s the fate

You’ll be beaten and flogged

kicked out of the synagogue

you’ll lose your job and be labeled a heretic

Lose your friends, shunned and kicked out

But sit out-

Side the gate like the lamb

Outcast from the fam

They’ll persecute you and think they are serving God

They’ll kill you for preaching against debauchery

Odd you see

Remain Godly

Martyrs throughout history

Died for Christianity

Godly men will be killed for being Godly

And hotly pursued by those who accuse them of being obtuse

Martyrs are killed

By those who are filled with deception

Thinking they do it for a Godly perspective

Following wrong directives

But the Godly man is given security

Spirit filled no fear for me

Is Christ worthy enough

To take up your cross

And bear the loss

To share that cost

If you want to be comfortable for the rest of your life

Don’t make Christ the center of your life

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