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Squad Goals

Squad goals

No holes

In the plan

Of the sharing hands

Giving the gospel

Not full of the Lord

One accord

Not bored

Cuz were stirred up and stored up and ready for war

Servants like Tychicus

Questionable like Onesimus

Understanding Aristarchus

Amending like John mark

Devoted like Justice or Jesus the name doesn’t matter

On the latter

Life for the living in love

Give 'em a hug

Epaphras the Laboring leader in prayer


Eyes closed and fare the fight

All night alert and awake don’t forsake ur brothers

Or sisters or mothers

But be on ur knees please appease give a reas-

On to make a move and labor like Epaphras in colossi

Agonize agonusia

Until you die

Strive with effort

Luke – the Independent physician

A Decision

To follow God as a doctor

A writer like Faulkner

Forsaking friend

A friend that ends


Would seem Is

More demon than man


He fell in love with the world

Soon to be hurled head long to hell

He fell from the way

Wouldn’t on the course stay

Probably gay

Godly men are persecuted

The sin rooted


But Demus lost sight

Lost light

This world ain’t worth it

Don’t blur it with truth

Don’t give up ur youth

Hold to the Rock

Don’t get Jack in the Box

Everyone else

Get hold of ur self


The hospitable

The reputable

Archippus, Philemon's son

Running the good run

Watch out your life like Batman’s dad

Make him proud

Stack the chairs and sweep the floors

Pick up poop and do your chores

Surround yourself with a solid squad

Be a friend like this while u serve God

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