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Giving And living In the light of the Lord Resources according To the Bible not hording Treasure principal Invincible Not sinful Spending And lending And blending the yoke Unequal Until your broke No meal though Half of our time awake Thinking of dough easy bake Without money we don’t feel full 1 million commercials by 20 superbowl More bankruptcy and poverty than graduation Money in divorce is the main reason I want money lots and lots of money Always about the Benjamin show me the money I wana be a billionaire it might sound funny But money doesn’t satisfy Jesus till I die Rockefeller Carnage They made millions but they weren’t happy The love of money is the root if all sorts of evil The seed will grow A hole A pit in this soul The greed will be more and more Snd rip a sore To your core Instruct the rich in wealth Rich in health comes from Christ not the bank Not the rank Of your financial standing But whatever Gods handing you Use it for Him He trusts you with money so you can give with glee I guess that means God doesn’t trust me Collection for saints those in Jerusalem Giving is fun, Paul writes if Macedonia Thessalonica, Philippi, Berea A year of giving and then Corinth said see yeah They stopped And dropped the ball Major fall God glorifying giving is motivated and Manifest By grace Paul attests And rests his case laid Case made Grace paid Itterly undeserved favor Behavior Of philanthropy Is different in nature God giving has a different motivator God is our father, Darth Vader Non-Jewish Macedonians anti-Semitic God glorifying giving rises above it We’re appointed to suffer Give in persecution, in situations toxic No Eeyore complex, smile correction Orthodontics No pity party, speak right like you’re hooked on phonics God loves a cheerful giver A Christlike liver Money flowing like a river Financial stress no trigger No Eeyore but Tigger Not stifled by poverty Overflowed giving In liberality It’s not the amount but the heart Not the end but the start Its motivated by grace That stays For days and plays out in the midst of persecution and poverty Its generous, proportionate, and voluntary The Jews weren’t in a Democracy But a Theocracy Tithes were 23 and 1 third percent In addition to rent Was paid not even lent To the government But they had a freewill offering A covering And they begged to give Begged to live out the gospel reflection Saints collection Christ connection God glorifying giving continues perfection in Christ Serves to show the new life

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